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What's In My Stash #1

Hi Everyone,

Today I thought I would introduce a new feature called What's In My Stash! 

I generally store my nail polish in my Helmer, or at least I intend to... I have the majority of my nail polishes in there, but I more than often have about 50 others laying around in other places like my living room, kitchen, on my dressing table. So the ones that are laying around are the ones I usually end up wearing because they catch my eye easier. 

Sometimes, however, I have a particular polish I want to wear, so I have to go into my Helmer. Every time I go in there I'm shocked at how many beauties I have in there, some that I haven't even worn!

So my first What's In My Stash polish is a real winner. It is Ozotic 532 and I bought this around July last year from Llarowe after it was announced that Ozotic was discontinuing a load of their range, including all of the Mish Mash polishes. I bought this one and 531... When they arrived they got lost in my house somewhere for ages, and then I found them after we moved and put them in my Helmer. Then one night about a week and a half ago I started panicking I'd lost them and had to go and find them immediately!

Ozotic 532 is a teal/blue/purple multichrome with a lot of holoness thrown it. It's beautiful, which is why I had to have it!

Onto the pictures. I used my lightbox for one of these photos and one lamp for the others. I would have loved to get sunlight pictures of this but the weather was terrible when I did these and it was about 1am!

I layered two coats of Ozotic 532 over Models Own Beth's Blue. It looks amazing over black but I wanted to try something different!

Look at that! Like liquid magic!
Lamp Light - Bright artificial light brings out the purple
Flash in Lightbox - The flash brings out the gorgeous teal!

I love this so much, I can't believe it was left unworn in my collection for so long!

What do you think of Ozotic 532? Do you have any of the now discontinued Ozotics?