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My KIKO haul

Hey Guys,

How are we in August already? I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by! It's my birthday on Monday, then it'll be the countdown until Caleb's 2nd birthday in October and then Christmas! After my birthday it always feels like we're saying goodbye to summer...

Last week on Tuesday I went to see Derren Brown Infamous for the second time. I went in June with my boyfriend here in Norwich but when the London dates were released I managed to snag front row for my brother and I. We were right in the middle, the seats were the best in the house! Before the show we stopped in at Westfield in Stratford before my boyfriend left to see his sister with Caleb, and I bought a few bits in KIKO.

KIKO is a brand I have heard of and seen on Instagram but I have never seen anywhere that sells it, so when I saw their store I had to go in. These pretties were only £2.50 each!

KIKO 255
KIKO 336

KIKO 335
KIKO 228

Aren't they so pretty? I'll be swatching these as soon as I have time, I have a review package to work on first, but these will be up ASAP! I also have something amazing up my sleeve that I'm thinking of saving it for my birthday, it's pretty special! If you follow me on Instagram you might know what it is already!

In other news, you might have noticed my watermark has changed. It's all in line with a new blog design in my head. For a while I've been thinking that my blog is too busy. I want something simpler, and I'm working on it, but it takes time like most things. And time is something I have less and less of at the moment!

See you next time!