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NOTD Models Own Aciied and Jack Frost

Hi guys,

I had planned on posting this last night, but my boyfriend and I went to help his auntie and uncle set up their new laptop, and then they took us out for dinner to say thanks. By the time we got back it was late and we had to get our son into bed. Then we decided to paint the walls by the staircase and the landing ceiling... That lasted until half past one in the morning. Safe to say I wasn't going to be writing a post then!

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit more laid back today, the sun is out, I bought some more fish for the tank, we organised the fitting of the carpet to go up the stairs, so we need to do the second coat of paint before then, but all in all, I'm doing well! 

So this afternoon I have one of my favourite NOTDs to show you. I've worn this quite a few times, the combo makes me feel happy! At first I wanted something crazy and so I threw these two polishes together and I think it really works! If I was going to make a nail polish myself I'd love to recreate this combination in one bottle! 

The layering combo I'm talking about is Models Own Aciiied and Jack Frost. One is a bright chartreuse creme and one is a delicate iridescent purple/blue duochrome glitter with a turquoise flash. It shouldn't work, but it does somehow...

The photos below show two coats of Aciiied with one thin coat of Jack Frost. Ages ago I was preparing swatches of the Wonderland collection but stupidly I still haven't finished. Jack Frost could be in my Top 5 Models Own polishes of all time!

I took these photos in my lightbox, so some of the glossiness has been taken away, these are not matte polishes.


Love the blue against the chartreuse!

Both polishes retail for £5 here, however I bought Aciiied as part of the 50% off sale a while ago. I got Jack Frost in a set when I bought the whole collection so I saved a bit of money there too.

So... What's the verdict? What do you think of this combination of colours? Pretty, ugly, or ugly-pretty?