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Cult Nails I Got Distracted

Hi Guys,

I know what you're thinking... It's the last post of the month, where are the Five Favourites? Well, that should be today's post really, but seeing as my posts have been few and far between recently, I'm feeling like I want to post about nails! My Five Favourites March Edition will be up on on Monday or Tuesday. As will an Easter manicure. Honestly, Easter has crept up on me this year and I have bought far too many polishes, so I wanted to wear a few of them before doing an Easter mani!

That brings me on to tonight's post! I originally planned to post the Barry M Textured yellow tonight, but the swatches from my light box weren't great so I need to re-swatch it before posting. So in it's place is an something I bought recently! I'm currently wearing it so I wanted to share...

It's no secret that I love Cult Nails. Toxic Seaweed from them was my first post here on Truly Polished and they'll always have a special place in my heart! Their customer service is great and I really admire their mode of operation. Maria and John stay in contact with their customers all the time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I think that's great. Not to mention they make the best glowy shimmer polishes ever!

Tonight I don't have a glowy shimmer though, I have a deep blackened jelly base packed with green and holo glitters. This is I Got Distracted from Coco's Untamed Collection. I bought this along with a couple of other polishes recently.

The formula here was a breeze, nearly a one coater but I used two for the photos below. This is with three coats of topcoat, it was a bit of a topcoat eater, but all glitters are so I don't mind!

Natural light
Flash macro to show the holo glitter

Isn't this beautiful, I haven't worn such an amazing, unique polish in a long time. I'm so glad I bought this!

I didn't really want to post this to be honest tonight and this is for one reason and one reason only... It's sold out... However, I think it will be back because on the website it isn't listed as Limited Edition. Keep your eyes peeled HERE for when it comes back. It retails for $12. 

Be careful though if you're ordering here and you live in the UK, Royal Mail will get you, idiots... They charged me the tax, which I don't mind, but they charged me £8 handling fee, outrageous! I hate Royal Mail, not only have they destroyed a parcel I sent to a friend in America, but they charge stupid fees!