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Jelly/Glitter Sandwich featuring OPI and Oh My GOSH!

Hi Everyone,

I've had a really good day today for a change. I was really ill last night and up until 3am so when my son woke up at 6.30 and 8.00am I was NOT happy. But I got up, showered and dressed and thought I might as well embrace the early morning! Usually I get up around ten by the way. My son gets up at 7.30 for a feed and then goes back to bed and I'm normally up before him at about ten to ten. My baby likes to get up late! 

Anyway, I made a casserole to put in the slow cooker, had breakfast, tidied up, managed to have lunch (which I NEVER do) played with Caleb, had my dinner while he was asleep, spoke to my boyfriend on the phone, gave Caleb some casserole for dinner and made him up three portions for later. And my dinner for tomorrow is sorted too! I feel like Superwoman! Since I made the decision to blog less, I feel like I can gain control again, which feels amazing!

So, polish time! Today I have another jelly/glitter sandwich to show you. 

I bought this GOSH a couple of weeks ago when I went up to my hometown. It's called Cobalt Blue and it's a jelly! I've been on a hunt for jellies as I've mentioned a few times, and I remembered that one of my only other jellies is from Oh My GOSH as well. I had a look and I'm sure the shop assistants were going to tell me to leave because I was fiddling with everything. I keep wanting to say "I'm a nail blogger, I know what I'm looking for and I need to check how this looks on the brush to tell if it's a jelly or a creme!" But I think they may have put me in a straightjacket if I came out with that!

The glitter I used is from the new(ish) OPI New York City Ballet collection and it's called Pirouette My Whistle. My lovely polish buddy Liz from Colorado sent this to me in my latest package. It's silvery white small and large hex glitter with micro glitter in a clear base. There's nothing like this in the UK apart from the OPI, but I'm not spending £11 on it here! 

I applied one coat of Cobalt Blue and then one coat of Pirouette My Whistle, then another coat of Cobalt Blue. This isn't a true jelly. Normally they take four-ish coats but this was quite opaque after two. This means you can't see the glitter as much as I would have liked, but I'm still pleased with this mani!

Natural light
I hope you like this as much as I do! You can get Cobalt Blue at Superdrug for £3.50.

One last thing, just for the Americans who read this. I'm always talking about how we get ripped off in the UK, and I took photos for proof! They are phone photos so beware, but I was in Boots so I couldn't  really whack out the camera, I've seen shop assistants get a bit funny about that! 

£18.65 for OPI Nail Envy???? You have GOT to be kidding me! And don't ever buy Seche Vite from Boots! I got mine for about £4.75 from an eBay seller and you can get it on Amazon for £7.15. I refused to be ripped off by these people! 

I'll be back on Monday with the amazing layering combo I spoke about yesterday, I can't wait to show you guys!

Have a nice weekend!