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How To: Ombre Hair Extensions

Hi guys, 

It's a very late post from me today, editing my photos for this post has taken ages! I mentioned yesterday that I was going to post something a bit different, and I wanted to stick to it, so here goes!

Ombre hair is something I've been seeing loads of recently. I know the trend has been around for a while, months and years, but I've seen a lot more of it lately and I love it! 

I don't do anything with my hair to be honest. I've been trying to grow it for years and it's very slow progress. I've had the same kind of haircut since around 2007 when I started growing out my "just past my ears" non-style to recover from an unfortunate pink dye going orange and yellow in the sun debacle. Basically, it's the bane of my life! Therefore, I'm totally unwilling to put any bleach on it in case it damages my hair so much that it won't grow, or worse, I'll have to cut loads off!

Anyway, I wanted to achieve ombre hair, so I thought I'd dye my extensions. They're Remy natural hair ones, so I knew I could dye them okay. So I set to work on researching how to dye them myself and decided to give it a go, here's how I did it!

Click "Read More" for a step by step guide to get this result

Before and after

Here's what you'll need:

I bought this hair dye for £4 in ASDA and the foil I had lying around in the house.

Here's how I did this:

Step One: I laid out each weft onto a piece of foil long enough that I could fold it over the hair again.

Step Two: I prepared the bleach as per the instructions.

Step Three: I applied the bleach to the bottom 3 or 4 inches of the hair. Then I waited 30 minutes, and reapplied the bleach to the tips again, taking the bleach up another inch and a half. 20 minutes later I reapplied the bleach, taking it up another inch and I left that for a final 15 minutes.

One, two and three applications - sorry the first one is so blurry, I only noticed when I was editing the pics!

Step Four: When the time was up, I rinsed the extensions in warm water until the water ran clear, then applied the deep conditioner included in the box. I left that for 5 minutes and then washed that out.

Step Five: I left the extensions on the back of my sofa overnight to dry.

Step 6: I woke up this morning to lovely ombre extensions! I was worried the dye hadn't bleached them properly because they looked dark when they were wet, but they looked lovely!

I'm so happy with how they came out. They are a lot more light brown that blonde, but in the sunlight there are definitely some blonde bits! I love them almost enough to dye my own hair, but I don't want to risk it... Maybe when my hair is at my target length I can try it out. 

I did straighten my hair today and put these in, and they looked amazing! I would post a picture but I didn't take any because I had no makeup on... Maybe another time! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this non-polish post! When I've got a new "How To" I'll be sure to post it.

Don't forget, if you have anything you'd like to see on here, any suggestions or comments, post them in the comments box or drop me an email at