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Barry M Denim


I am about to collapse from tiredness! I can't believe it's nearly 11 o'clock already! I only ate about half an hour ago! If you follow me on Instagram (@truly_polished)  you'll notice I've been posting more food pics recently than normal... Since my boyfriend has been away I've been doing some serious cooking. More time in the kitchen means less time sat on my own watching pointless TV! But it also means I decide at 9pm to start making pasta sauce! So I'm really tired now and ready for bed...

Anyway, tonight I have a polish that I bought ages ago and totally forgot about! It was one of the new Barry M polishes and I had to get it. It's called Denim and it's a perfect denim blue with shimmer. The formula was amazing, one coat was fully opaque, but I used two for the photos below. This dries with a satin look, the first photo shows no topcoat and the others show one coat of Seche Vite.

No topcoat
Topcoat - Natural light
Topcoat - Sunlight
I think this colour is perfect for the weather right now. Sometimes it wants to be summer, sometimes autumn, sometimes winter... I wake up in the morning not knowing what to put on, but with these nails, you'll always have a seasonally appropriate mani! 

I really have no complaints at all about this polish, it ticks all of the boxes: great formula, fast drying, flattering, and most of all... AFFORDABLE! I bought this for £2.99 at Boots. You can also get it at Superdrug, ASOS, Nail Polish Direct and all the other usual outlets for Barry M!