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Festive Friday #4

Hi Guys,

Time for another Festive Friday post! Last week I didn't do one because it fell on the same day as my Five Favourites post, so it's nice to be back.

I'm trying so hard to get into the Christmas spirit but it's hard with the move. We have no tree up because the whole house is being packed into a van tomorrow, and so far I have bought one present... I need to be settled and then everything is all going to come at once!

Anyway, this post is focusing on something I think is a must have: FESTIVE JUMPERS! I love festive jumpers and I wish it was socially acceptable to wear them all year round, but it isn't... So I like to wear them from around November until March...

Last winter I got an amazing jumper which I wore on Christmas day! It was from eBay and it's so cute, here it is:

Last Christmas

Click "Read More" to see my picks of the best festive jumpers around! As always the links are in the captions.


Boohoo have got some amazing jumpers in. These three are so perfect! If you're looking for something subtle then these three aren't for you, but check out their website because they have lots more to choose from. 
Ria Santa Face Sweater - £20
Cassie Xmas Tree Jumper - £20
Jade Snowman Jumper - £20


I love ASOS, they have a huge selection of everything, and their winter stock is amazing. I've picked out a couple of pretty fairisle knit jumpers.

Reindeer Fairisle Jumper - £35

Fairisle Jumper by Pop Boutique - £30

Woodland Fairisle Jumper - £35

Live Fairisle Jumper by Lacoste - £125


I bought my jumper on eBay last year and it was only £13! There are so many Christmas jumpers on here and some are really cheap, so if you want something special to wear for your Christmas dinner, then take a look!

Obviously the eBay links I post are just a guideline, I am not affiliated with the sellers, and also can't be held responsible if you buy from them and anything goes wrong. 

My Snowman Jumper! £12.99

Light up jumper £30

New Look:

New Look is the high street staple store, and this doesn't change in the winter. They have some lovely jumpers in, I love this white and grey one, I might have to get it!

Scenic Jumper - £27.99
Snowman face hoodie - £16.99

And last but not least.....


No virtual shopping trip would be complete without a trip to Topshop. This is one of my favourite stores, particularly in winter when all I want are plenty of cosy jumpers! Topshop have beautiful regular jumpers, but these Christmas themed ones are the cutest, and my favourites of everything I've shown you in this post!

Robin Jumper - £50 
Polar bear jumper - £50

I really hope you enjoyed this post, there aren't many more left now, we're all slowly running out of time now!

Have a great weekend and see you next week!