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My favourite looks for Spring/Summer 2013

Hi Guys,

By the time this goes up, I'll be driving down to the Hook of Holland to get on a ferry back to England. I've had such a great time at my Dad's, I always wish I could spend more time here. Now I've done the trip over once on my own driving up and everything I'm sure I'll feel okay doing it again.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm getting a bit sick of this weather... It's a little under a month until the official start of summer, and we've had about three sunny days. One is so not amused!

So this post is me trying to cheer myself up. I've created four outfits for possible situations that could arise this summer (if we ever get one) because I'm feeling like I need to be out shopping for skirts and dresses! 

My boyfriend has promised me a holiday in a few weeks, he gets home next week hopefully, so a couple of these bits and pieces would be perfect for that. I feel like I haven't had a holiday in ages... In fact, my last holiday was Malta last April, so it's been a while, I need some sun!

So here are my looks!

This is perfect for hosting a little BBQ garden party. I am obsessed with these shoes and I love the nail wraps. When you're having a party at home, it's always tempting to dress down and not make much of an effort, but these items feel more dressy without being over the top - you are still at home at the end of the day!

This is my perfect beach outfit. You can throw the dress on over a bikini and the bag is big enough to fit everything I need in it, including Caleb's essentials! The sandals are perfect, and the khaki of the dress is very flattering. I might actually have to get this whole outfit if I go on holiday, I can see myself wearing it to stroll around in.

This is such a Spring outfit to me, I'm obsessed with this jumpsuit and I'd love to buy it... I guess there is still time! I would wear this for a family day out somewhere nice, maybe out for a pub lunch, or for a picnic. I can imagine wearing this on a first date, it's that kind of cute summery outfit... I might have to get my boyfriend to take me out on a date so I can wear this! Pastel is a huge trend this S/S and I love the mint green with the nude sandals and the floral print jumpsuit.

This is my favourite outfit of the four I've just shown. This is what I would be wearing if I had a wedding to go to this summer. In fact, my cousin is getting married next month and I came across this dress while searching for an outfit. I was planning on styling this with some kind of jacket, or fur stole - the wedding is in Brazil and it's winter there... Unfortunately I won't be able to make it for a variety of reasons, so I decided to style it for summer instead. This beaded clutch from French Connection is perfect!

So what do you guys think of my outfits? I will have links to the French Connection items as soon as I can, but as I'm writing this, their site is down...

When I next post I'll be back in England... Wish me luck for my long drive back, and I'll be posting tomorrow (Friday) or on Monday, time depending... Friday will be a stressful day for me because I'll be exhausted from travelling and unpacking. So if I'm not back tomorrow, have a good weekend!