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Oh My Gosh Pink Red

Hi everyone,

Today's post is a cheerful pink! It's the other polish I bought from the Oh My Gosh by GOSH collection and the shade is called Pink Red... It's a shame all these shades have such unimaginative names! Especially seeing as this polish isn't actually very red at all! It's just pink!

Pink Red is a very bright pink, not a neon, but very bright, it's almost impossible to photograph.

I never used to like this type of colour, it was too bright for me, but this is a jelly polish, and that makes all the difference! I love it when a nail polish finish really suits the colour and this is definitely one of those occasions!

The application of this was pretty good, very typical jelly application: VERY sheer and seemed like it was never going to build then all of a sudden at four coats I was there. Squishy perfection with an amazing gloss, there was no way I was putting top coat on and insulting the natural shine this gave me!

Here it is in the natural light

Click "Read More" to see the rest of my photos. In the sunlight you can kind of see this polish leaning slightly red, but I still don't think that justifies the name Pink Red!


With hindsight I should have taken a photo in the shade, this polish looks really nice in the shade, a lot less bright but still really nice!

This polish came out a few months ago now but it will look so perfect in the summer on a really sunny day! You can find it at Superdrug on the GOSH stand, where it sells at £3.50.

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