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My Week in Pictures #2

Hi Everyone,

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I know, where have I been, right? Well, that's a bit of a long story, and the main reason behing this "My Week In Pictures" post. As well as the reason behind me posting on a Sunday. Normally the weekends are a time when I spend a bit of down time with the family and don't think about blogging. But right now my son is asleep and my boyfriend is watching football, so here I am!

The reason for my absence is actually a last minute trip away to Paris. We decided to go after I wrote the last blog post and booked immediately. It was a bit of a disaster. Stupid weather, see below for...

My second Mother's Day (third if you count being pregnant) and Caleb got me a
lovely card with one of my fave photos on!
The weather was like this in Kent when we were on our way to Dover.
We got stuck on the motorway, took snowy country roads, then missed our ferry.
It had been cancelled anyway, so they put us on one to Dunkerque rather than Calais.
By the time we got on the ferry, our car was filthy!
And then it all went even more wrong! We were fine from Dunkerque for a little while, then we hit the road out of Calais. Abandoned lorries everywhere. We slept on the motorway that night, we were stuck from past 8pm until nearly half past 4am...

Traffic at a standstill...
Only just moving again, it's 5:20 French time and absolutely freezing.
We've been stuck for 8 hours...
Then we got to our hotel eventually at gone 7 in the morning. There was snow everywhere and we weren't happy with the hotel. The Disney New York Hotel... Do not stay here!!! We slept until about 1pm then went to the Walt Disney Studios Park for a little while, that was nice. Had an okay sleep that night and woke up a bit fresher on Thursday.

Here at last and the snow isn't falling anymore!
Extended 20 year anniversary... I was 2 when this was built in 1992 
Mickey Mouse in the parade
Friday... Time to go already! We left really early, about 10.30am for our 6.30pm ferry in case we got stuck again. We flew through and got there at 2.30pm! We paid for new tickets and left at 3.30pm, we just wanted to get home!

Checking out the duty free! 
My purchases! Nein! Nein! Nein! and Don't Talk Bach to Me were under £6 each!
I also bought My Vampire is Buff from the Euro Centrale collection.
I was so excited to finally see the White Cliffs of Dover!

 All in all, not a great trip, but my son loved it! He was really good in the car given the circumstances and we got lovely photos of him and Mickey Mouse. Our hotel was terrible but Goofy was there the morning we left so Caleb got photos with him too.

We got back Friday night, had the rest of the plastering done in the living room on Saturday, and here we are!

I haven't forgotten that the 10th of this month was the 1st birthday of Truly Polished, and this coming week or the next one I should be announcing my celebrations! Thank you all for sticking by me, even in my absence I have gained new followers here and on Bloglovin and that means so much to me!