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Festive Friday 2013 #2 Looking Forward To Christmas Eve

Hey Guys,

I can't believe we're at the end of another week and ti's time for another Festive Friday... This week I was planning on focusing on my Christmas decorations at home, but some of the lights on my tree have broken and my living room is a mess (my fiance just sanded the beam on one side of our living room and stained it so all the furniture is over one side) so I couldn't take good photos. However, I think I have a pretty good alternative!

Today was a pretty good day for us, we actually finished the last bits and pieces of Christmas shopping, and the few things I had been waiting for arrived, AND I bought my Soap and Glory big gift set... A bit sad when you have to buy your own Christmas presents... I can't wait to unwrap that on Christmas day though. I also got something I have had my eye on for ages and ages.

Yankee Candle Christmas Eve has been on my wishlist since it went in the shops this year. I've been buying little samplers recently though and wasn't ready to commit until I realised not many places did samples of it. I really loved the smell and wanted it so much, and today I bought the large jar. I prefer buying the large jars over the small and medium ones because they last for ages and are better value for money!

Christmas Eve is such a perfect smell. I don't like anything too sweet, favouring clean smells like "Fluffy Towels" over anything vanilla-smelling. I do like berry smells though, and this is the perfect blend of berries, with a bit of spice and a little bit of a burning smell that is exactly like a log fire. I know this because I couldn't wait to start burning it and have it lit next to me!

Over all I love this, it's the perfect scent for me right now! It is available at most stockists of Yankee Candle in a variety of sizes as well as in a medium jar gift set with Snow In Love (one of my other faves and one I want for Christmas). It usually retails for £19.99 but I got this 25% off today in Clinton's Cards. It's their scent of the week so I couldn't help myself!

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm off to see Catching Fire on Sunday with a friend, so that will be nice!

See you next week!