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Introducing Bonnyprints - Personalised Greeting Cards

Hi Guys,

I know it's a little out of the ordinary for me to be posting on the weekend, but I haven't been able to post as much as I have wanted to this week so I thought I should get another post in before the week's end!

Today is the first of December, and you all know what that means... Time to think about Christmas! I'm normally the worst when it comes to Christmas preparations, I leave everything until the last minute but this year I vowed that wouldn't be the case. I've actually nearly finished my Christmas shopping, and I ordered all my wrapping things on Friday night, so next week I'll be all done! 

In any case, today's post is very fitting for the time of year. It's all about greeting cards! 

Christmas cards are one of my favourite parts of getting ready for the big day. I love picking them out, and personalised cards are always the best to me. I rarely buy cards for any occasion that aren't customised in some way!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Bonnyprints about reviewing a set of cards, and after having a browse at what they had to offer, I said yes. They sent me a set of five personalised flat cards*, which would usually cost £6.20 and I love them.

The order process was very simple and the website was extremely easy to use. I decided to order photo upload cards because I think that's the best test for quality! The photo I used was my blog header photo, and the design I chose was the Merry Christmas Ball card, as I thought it matched my blog theme pretty nicely!

Here they are!

Close up 
Two cards out of the set of five
Lined envelope

The cards* turned up at my house while I was away in Manchester, so that was a nice surprise to come home to. They took just over a week to arrive, which is slightly longer than I would usually want... However,  I opted to have them quality checked before they were sent out. This is a free service and can delay the cards by a day or so, but I thought it was worth it, I'm really happy with my cards!

My order was printed on high quality thick cardstock with a matte finish. The cards I got were flat, but they do sell conventional folding cards too. These ones are great for those who are a fan of pegging cards onto a string to display them, which is what I plan to do this year...

The order came complete with five white envelopes which are actually lined! What a great idea! That is actually my pet peeve when it comes to card giving, I hate when you can see the card through the envelope. Usually I draw all over the envelope to avoid this, but with these envelopes I don't need to!

As I said, this set of five flat cards retails for £6.20, and you can check out the whole range of Christmas cards here on their website

They also sell a variety of other greeting cards from wedding invitations, to moving announcements, to thank you cards, so it's well worth a visit to their site!

The product(s) included in this post were provided to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure page for more information.