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Polished by KPT Hot Like Wasabi

Hi Guys,

Well this week is dragging on... I can't believe today is only Wednesday... I think it's because my fiance has been away four weeks tomorrow so he should be coming home but we still don't know when it will be, so that's stressful! This week my task is to finish Christmas shopping. I did some today but I still have a bit left.

Anyway, I need something to take my mind off everything, and this is just the thing!

Hot Like Wasabi is a yellowy-olive thermal polish with a slight holographic element from Polished by KPT. Out of all of her thermals, this is the one I have had my heart set on for the longest. I love colours like this, it's kind of ugly when it is cold, but so gorgeous at the same time! When warm, it changes to a very subtle sage green, amazing...

For someone who wears pretty much grey, black and nothing else clothing-wise, I like to have a statement colour on my nails and this is perfection!

The formula on this polish is thinner than the others I've tried in that it takes three coats to be opaque. I don't mind that though, I'd rather use three coats on its own than one or two over white. I used a coat of Seche Vite on top as well.

Warm - cool - warm - cool

This post is slighly pic heavy, so click "Read More" to see the rest!

Colour change
Room temperature 
Cold with flash - in love! 
Dipped in warm water

One thing I will say about this is that I found it changed back to the darker cold colour faster than the other thermals I have, but honestly this could be totally unrelated to the polish, maybe my hands were just colder that day!

Isn't this so gorgeous?! I am obsessed! I just wish my hands were tanned, this would look amazing with a tan! 

This isn't currently in stock on Rainbow Connection where I bought it (I think it was £11) but they have a few other thermals in stock right now, you can check those out here.

Do you own any thermal polishes? If you do, let me know, I want all the thermals these days, and soon I'll run out of things to buy!