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Wingdust Gilt-y Pleasures

Hi Everyone,

I hope you guys had a great weekend! I went up to Manchester to visit my brother. I've never been to Manchester before so it was nice to go up and see where my brother lives. I stayed at his house Friday and Saturday night and came home late last night, so it was a very busy few days. We did a little bit of Christmas preparation and went to the Sealife Centre yesterday and it was lovely.

Tonight I have another polish from my Rainbow Connection haul - I know, when will it end, I've still got so much to show you... I may have even bought more last week...

Tonight's beauty is from a fairly new to me brand called Wingdust and it is amazing. It is called Gilt-y Pleasures and t has gold and silver flakes in a clear base, with the addition of blue iridescent flakes and sort of little glass flecks. I had wanted a flake top coat for ages and couldn't decide whether I wanted silver and gold, this took the options out of the equation for me!

I am in love with this polish and it is very special to me now as it is what I was wearing when my fiance proposed to me. I'll always remember it for that, and it has now been immortalised as I took the pictures for my new blog header just after I did these swatches, so if you're wondering what I'm wearing in that cartoony picture, this is it!

The formula is perfect on this, the photos below show just one coat over Cult Nails Nevermore. As you can tell, the silver flakes are bigger in size than the gold ones. You can control them enough to split them into small parts while applying this, but I like it this way... My engagement ring is platinum and I so I prefer the gold to be more of an accent here with the silver matching more, just my preference though!

How pretty is this?!
Natural light
I am just in awe of how pretty this is. I've actually worn this three times in the 5 or so weeks that I've had it, which is a lot for me. Next on my list is pairing this with a pink... I'm half set on Essie Spaghetti Strap and actually have it on my dining table ready to paint on, buy I might go for something paler. Decisions, decisions...

This is in stock now on Rainbow Connection here, and it's currently on sale for £9.81 instead of the original price of £10.90. I'm not going to lie, I bought a backup bottle in my most recent Rainbow Connection order. This polish means too much to me to even consider running out!

Definitely check out the other polishes Wingdust have to offer. This and Steel Town Girl are my first things from them and I just love how delicate their polishes are. So pretty and the way they work with colours and finishes with the gold and silver flakes is beautiful!

What do you think of this polish? Do you have another gold or silver leaf topcoats? What are your favourites? I'd love to know!