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Sulfate Free Skincare and Me...

Hi Guys,

Let me just start this post by stating the fact that I am not a doctor, healthcare professional, or a skincare expert. Also, I am not a conspiracy theorist, health freak, or someone who generally avoids chemicals or goes on about it on Facebook (don't you hate those people?).

All I am is an eczema sufferer... Throughout my childhood I suffered badly, then in 2003 it cleared up when I moved to Spain. Having lived back in the Uk for five years now, I've suffered with it mildly until this year, when the previously tiny patches have expanded to cover nearly half of my neck, as well as patches on my shoulder, arms, and it has even gone onto my eyelids, something I haven't had to deal with for well over 10 years... 

*Flashbacks to memories of smearing Vaseline all over eyes to do Games outside at school*

I've been considering going sulfate free for a while now. I have been using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for months now and have noticed a vast improvement in my hair. I have hardly any split ends after not cutting my hair once in well over a year, and my flyaways/frizzy bits are just non existent these days.

So why I haven't I been doing it for my skin? 

Well, the simple answer to that is that it is a lot harder to find shower gels and lotions that don't contain Sodium Laurel and Sodium Laureth Sulfates than it is to find hair products. I buy my hair products from TKMaxx because it's easy to find them there but finding shower gel has been impossible. 

I've stood in the aisles there, and at Tesco and ASDA for ages checking each label to no avail. Suddenly, while I was out browsing the shops the other day, I saw a poster in Holland and Barrett that said "All of our products are free of SLS and harsh chemicals" so I immediately walked in. I hadn't even thought to check there because I don't spend a lot of time in health food shops...

Here is what I got...
Body Wash - £5.19
Body Butter - £8.19

Not cheap by any means really. I was hoping for these to be included in the penny sale, but they weren't or I would have got both for £8.20!

After doing some research when I got home I still couldn't find anything in mainstream shops that was sulfate free. Even brands like The Body Shop and Simple still make shower gels containing SLS. Lots of places online to get them, but I am the kind of person who likes to smell my shower gel before I buy it!!

I'm going to carry on using my e45 for the time being. I know it doesn't work for me on its own, but I'll see if it works in conjunction with these new products and I'll report back with pictures and more details about the products!

Have any of you guys gone sulfate free? If you do, what was your motivation for it? Do you suffer from eczema? If so, do you have any other tips for clearing it up?