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Rainbow Connection Haul

Hey Guys,

The time has finally come, I'm back to nail posts! I felt like I was in a bit of a blogging funk, and my no-buy was taking away from my love of nail polish... I'm an addict, I need more to keep me alive! Anyway, I've been home nearly a week and I've had a very productive 6 days, full of housework, cooking, crafts with my son and nails! I feel like I've made a transformation into the kind of person who gets things done! As well as this I've been starting my Christmas preparations (I know it's early but my boyfriend fiance has told me to get on with it while he's away) and working with a company on a feature which should be coming up over the next fortnight, and I've taken pictures for my new blog design that I've been rabbiting on about for months!

Like I said, I've been a busy bee!

This week I am dedicating Truly Polished to a company that I am in love with. Rainbow Connection is a newish indie stockist based in the UK - yes you really can hear the Hallelujahs - it's that amazing! I know that all this praise is probably over the top, and I'd like to make sure I state that they have had no involvement in this post, I just love them...

Anyway... Shortly after my no-buy was announced, Rainbow Connection came into my life. Obviously indies don't count on no-buys (didn't you hear? Those are definitely 100% the official rules...) so I couldn't help but pre-order some bits, and order some in-stock items over the course of about two weeks. The pre-orders took a while to come in and then I was a bit here there and everywhere with our trip to Iceland, then my fiance going away for work, then coming home from my Mum's, that I never got to do a haul post! So here it is...

Polished by KPT Plumeria - Hot Like Wasabi - Kelvin Bleu - Color Therapy
 I've wanted some Polished by KPT polishes for ages, but the shipping from America is costly so I got as many as I could in the presale. The print of the labels unfortunately came off when I grabbed the bottles with wet hands!

Wingdust Gilty Pleasures - Sleepless Summer Nights - Steel Town Girl
Note: There was a mix up with my order where I received Sleepless Summer Nights instead of Steel Town Girls. Rainbow Connection sent me a replacement Steel Town Girl the same day and let me keep Sleepless Summer Nights - great customer service!

CrowsToes Chess, you dog! - Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum - Liquid Sky Lacquer Sugared Berries

I'll be posting swatches of these this week and next, I have 4 polishes swatched already and I'm hoping to get the rest done while my son is at preschool Wednesday and Thursday this week, as well as painting my nails in the evening and taking pictures during the day - old school, how I used to do it when I posted every day!

Have you bought anything from Rainbow Connection? Make sure you check out their site here!