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Where have I been?!

Hi Guys,

I almost feel like I need to introduce myself again, feels like ages since I last posted. I decided to take a little hiatus from blogging, rather than do one post a fortnight and feel like I was getting behind. After I wrote my buyer's remorse post I kind of lost my way when it came to posting, and after writing my last post on Dollish Polish, I thought it was high time I took a break for a couple of weeks. And what a busy couple of weeks it has been!

Here's a little bit of what I've been up to...

Our new addition, Augustus
Finding new projects
TRYING to learn how to crochet
Eating a lot of cheese and biscuits - I'm addicted
My son turned 2 - Happy Birthday Caleb!
Home made rainbow cake by me!
Caleb started preschool, here he is in his uniform playing in his kitchen at home. This was a
 birthday present and was from IKEA, as was the table.
We went away for 5 days to Iceland, my boyfriend planned  it all behind my back but let it slip two days
before we left by accident!

Wearing Cult Nails Nevermore in Reykjavik!
And... We got engaged!!

So that's what I've been doing in my absence. It's been a busy few weeks! I'm going to do some swatching over the next couple of weeks, plus I have a really nice haul to show you guys (indies don't count on no-buys in case you didn't know... Haha!) 

Now my son has dropped his afternoon nap I don't have the same kind of time to swatch polishes as I used to, but he started pre-school two mornings a week just after his birthday so that means I'll have 3 hours on a Wednesday and Thursday to get things like that done! So hopefully blogging will get back to normal soon. My boyfriend (or I should say fiance now!) is going away for work again next week so I'm sure the boredom of being alone again will mean it'll be all blogging all the time!!

Although I do have a wedding to plan now...

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