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November 2013 Magazine Freebies

Hi Guys,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

Mine was busy, I finally redesigned Truly Polished - as you may be able to tell! I'm really proud of how it turned out... I've had this kind of design in mind for months and although it was stressful trying to get it all done, I'm glad I finally took the plunge because it's just what I imagined! 

I also had a friend over for dinner Sunday night which was nice. We made home made burgers with sweet potato chips and I made an apple pie for dessert. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to enjoy it too much because my son came down with a bad cold on Sunday afternoon. Monday he had pretty much lost his voice, yesterday we went into the city to do some shopping and he was a bit better but slept until nearly midday today. I kept him off preschool today, and that explains why I haven't posted this week!

Tonight's post is a little break from my Rainbow Connection haul. For a change I've been a good little blogger and swatched a haul instead of saying I'll do it and then letting bottle after bottle drift away to the point where I have no idea what I bought! The only problem is I have so many swatches to post, I could be posting the haul for the next two weeks! Who am I to complain though? At least I'm keeping up with posts, and the polishes are so pretty!

Recently I went on a no-buy, and apart from the indies I've stuck to it (apart from one Barry M but that's it I swear) but enough was enough, I needed a fix! All of a sudden it came to me - magazines. This month there have been some decent freebies, so this is what I picked up.

Both magazines
The other ORLY polishes
The other Nails Inc choices 

Country Club Khaki is a beige-nude. I love nudes like this, I find them much more flattering on my skin tone than pinky nudes. Out of the ORLY choices, Naughty would have probably been my first choice, but this is a close second and I really love it. This was pretty much opaque in one coat but I used two for good measure.
Country Club Khaki

New York Noir is a plain black creme. Out of the four choices this was my top pick. They had the red and gold in my local ASDA but I think you can't go wrong with a black creme, I have so many but I always go back to them! The formula on this was pretty good. A little bit thinner than my favourite black, Cult Nails Nevermore, but when I got used to it, it was perfect. The photos below show just one coat. Yes, it's that good!

New York Noir
All in all I'm pleased with these two freebies. I rarely get magazines if they're giving away nail polish because I usually find that the colours aren't what I would normally pick, or I realise I have enough and don't need more. Here I knew I had similar colours but you can't go wrong with black and nude, to me it's the most chic combination you can get!

Have you picked up either of these freebies? Any other good ones I should know about?