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Dollish Polish Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween 2012 Collection

Hi Guys,

I'm back! I've been at my Mum's for the last week and haven't stopped so I haven't been able to post anything! My boyfriend just got home last night after about 7 weeks away, so I have some help with our son and here is the result...

Before I go on, yes you did read the title right, this is the 2012 Halloween collection from Dollish Polish. I bought these polishes this time last year and didn't post them for some reason. Just as I was digging them out in time to think of what to wear for Halloween this year, I saw an update from Dolly saying she was restocking these as a limited edition item. I thought I would post swatches in case anyone wanted to see them before the restock!

Here they are... Please note that I forgot to bring my bottle of Vampire's Coven, but that is beautiful and well worth buying!

Something's Up With Jack is a clear base with purple large and small hexes, as well as white large hexes, small squares and bar glitter, and black hexes, squares and bars. The formula was pretty good on this, the photo below shows two coats over Models Own Utopia as well as a macro bottle shot.

We're Simply Meant to be has yellow, burgundy and blue hexes, with large black squares and holographic microglitter. I love the combination of colours in this, it's so unique and I don't have anything else like it. This is two coats over NYC Colors Raindrops.

What's this? What's this? contains orange, purple and green larger hexes, small black hexes, purple squares, white large hexes and bar glitter, as well as holographic microglitter. This screams Halloween and is the most Halloween-y of the polishes I bought from this collection. This photo shows two coats of Models Own Concrete Mixer as well as a macro shot.

Spectral Pup... Where do I begin? This was really the standout of the collection. I had to try to add this to my cart about 1000 times before finally it was released from someone's cart! This and Vampire's Coven were the two that sold out the quickest in this collection and I'm so glad I got them both, but particularly this. Spectral Pup contains large white hex and square glitter, as well as smaller versions of both, and has orange medium and small hexes. It also contains iridescent glitter and has a clear base, even though it looks quite cloudy. The reason for this is that it GLOWS IN THE DARK! It's so amazing, and I love it. I know lots of indie brands have released glow in the dark polishes but this is the first and only one I've ever owned.

The swatches below show one coat (amazing glitter pay of from a slightly thicker than usual base) over Sinful Colors Rich In Heart, which is a near black polish with dark red shimmer - similar to OPI's Every Month is Oktoberfest. My favourite way to wear this is over a pale sheer pink, specifically Cult Nails Enticing, to match the look in the bottle. But I was going for an autumnal combo.

So the details of the restock are as follows:

11am EST tomorrow 6th October 2013 which is 4pm here in the UK - great timing for us Brits! 

The collection will be available until the 19th of October so if you order it you'll have it in time for Halloween!

Are you going to be picking up anything?