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Bloggers, No Buys and Buyer's Remorse...

Hi Everyone,

I've got something a bit different to talk about today... This post is about the main problem I've encountered (or maybe developed) since I started blogging! I wrote this post a few days ago and didn't post it straight away, so here it is now...

So, as I'm writing this it's Sunday night and I'm fresh out of an indie restock! Rainbow Connection were launching CrowsToes, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Cadillacquer and Polished by KPT online and I was so excited to finally buy some thermal polishes. When I found out the launch was at 8 tonight I set an alarm and a goal to have my son in bed by 7:30, then I had a look at swatches and made a little list of things to get. 

I put Caleb in bed at about 7:15 because he was extra tired from no nap this afternoon, and then I just sat at my computer. At half past 7 I called my Mum for a chat and told her how stressed I was feeling about the launch and she told me to get a grip obviously! 

I had been feeling nervous all afternoon because there were a few polishes that I'd have been really annoyed if I didn't get. If you're familiar with Polished by KPT you'll know how gorgeous her thermals are, but the shipping/tax/Royal Mail issues have meant I hadn't bought anything from America, so I really wanted to get a few of those. 

The last time I bought indies was from Dollish Polish and that was about a year ago, the Halloween Collection from 2012 and it was so stressful, pressing refresh a million times to try and get the last bottle of Spectral Pup knowing I was cart-jacking but just wanting to get it anyway! I vowed to wean myself off the panic-buying restocks...

Until tonight! When you're shopping in a restock, it's like you're finally getting a taste of what you're addicted to after so long. Sounds so stupid but it's true, and I think that's why I always make a list, otherwise I would end up buying triple. I have issues with needing to have things in case I can't get them again, and LOL Syndrome aka Last One Left Syndrome! 

So tonight I bought three thermals, two glitters and a holographic polish. 

I know what you're thinking... The title of this post includes the words Buyer's Remorse. And that's the issue here. Do I have it? I don't. I'll admit that I feel guilty immediately after buying a bottle of nail polish, but then the guilt goes away when I realise I actually enjoy having it!

At the end of the day, I could be addicted to collecting much worse things... Designer handbags... Huge pieces of furniture that would fill the whole house up... My obsession fits neatly in my Helmer. And in the three carrier bags that are waiting to be unloaded into my Helmer! 

With that being said, drastic measures have to be taken. I was looking through my Helmer the other day and I have so many pretties, plus I have some bits coming through the post from this launch tonight and some other bits and pieces, including a small jot I'm bidding on, on eBay.

So I'm enforcing a no-buy! I'm banning myself from those little trips to TKMaxx when I fancy a drive, or just having a peek in Boots or Superdrug when I'm in town. No browsing on eBay, and no more indies!!! 

I won't buy any nail polish until Christmas, aside from one. The new Barry M flakie is going to be my one allowance purely because I'm so curious to see what it's like. 

It's going to be hard not to take notice of new collections, but I need to start enjoying what I have! And I have some frankens I want to try so I might actually get around to doing that when I feel the craving for something new. Or I might just go and buy some winter clothes, I'm dying for some jumpers...

I know some people have real stress in their lives, and so I refuse to stress about nail polish! 

By writing this post, I'm making a commitment to my no-buy...

Wish me luck!!!