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What's In My Stash #2


Two posts in one week, I'm on a roll! In fact, this week has been an amazing week for me... I feel like I've finally achieved the perfect work/relaxation balance. I'm managing to keep my house pretty much spotless (as spotless as you can get with a nearly 2 year old!) and still finding time to keep up with Celebrity Big Brother and light some scented candles! It probably sounds stupid because this is what normal life is like, but for me I have my boyfriend here to help out half the time, then when he's away I struggle to adjust to being by myself again. But I think I've cracked it! I haven't been to my Mum's this time of my boyfriend being away and I think that's it, I feel settled at last!!! My son is in a great routine, and I'm eating healthy meals, I'm getting somewhere at last...

Anyway, enough of that and onto the nails! I have a What's In My Stash post for you this evening. This polish is one of my faves, it's my go-to nude and I adore it... I even used it in my abstract neon manicure as a base.

Of course I'm talking about My Vampire is Buff by OPI. This is from the Euro Centrale Collection that came out in February and I bought it on the ferry when I came back from Disneyland Paris. I think that was March, but don't hold me to that!

It's a creamy nude, very pale, more like an off white. I love this because it's a yellowy nude rather than a peachy/pink nude which is more flattering on my skintone.

The photos below show three coats without topcoat. I've seen people saying they have trouble with the formula of this but I don't mind it too much. It's thin but three coats is perfectly smooth and it dried really quickly.

Natural light - Sorry my camera refused to focus!
I love this, I wear it all the time, especially if I take off something and it has stained my nails! It's perfect after I've taken off something red or navy blue! I definitely think it's a must have in a stash!

What do you guys think? Do you own this, or any others from the Euro Centrale Collection?

I can't believe I've posted before 10pm. I really am on a roll at the moment. I've actually got a little crafts project to do that I bought in TKMaxx today. It's a little set that has material, thread and a needle and you make a little patchwork fox teddy, I think Caleb will love it! So I'm going to light a scented candle and start sowing... Might see you all tomorrow...