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Introducing Cosmetics Fairy - Swatches Galore!

Hi Guys,

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks I've had! My birthday was a week ago so my Mum and brother came to stay, then I got ill, now my boyfriend has gone away for work again, and to top it all off we got a kitten! I'll be filling you in on everything I've been up to in another post, so that's all on that for now!

Not too long ago I had an email drop into my inbox from a website I love, asking if I would like to review some products. Of course I said yes, and here I am tonight!

That website was Cosmetics Fairy. If you aren't familiar with them, they are a discount cosmetics website that stocks all sorts of goodies: fragrances, skincare, hair care, makeup, nail polish, brushes, and even jewellery. I recommended their site in this post as I am a huge fan and have shopped there on a few occasions. They recently overhauled their website and introduced a points system where you can set up an account to collect points on your purchases, so their site is definitely worth a look when you have some time to browse.

Now, onto some swatches. The lovely people at Cosmetics Fairy let me pick a few polishes to try out. I tried to pick a variety of finishes so I hope there is something for everyone! 


Bewitched is an aubergine purple creme. I'm a big fan of the Complete Salon Manicure cremes as I think they're generally smooth and this one was no exception! Great application, I loved the brush, and it was opaque in two coats. These pictures were taken in natural daylight with topcoat.

Coco-a-Gogo is a brown polish with a copper/brown shimmer. When I was browsing Cosmetics Fairy and looking for swatches online this really caught my eye. I don't usually go for browns but this is no normal brown! The shimmer is a very red toned brown and this is very flattering, it'll be perfect in a couple of months in the peak of Autumn. This is two coats with topcoat and the photo is taken in natural daylight. 

Sally Hansen Grape Escape*

Grape Escape was a nightmare to photograph, let me start by saying that! This is a very blue toned purple and my camera seriously freaked out! I love this colour, and it has a beautiful shimmer made up of blue and fuchsia which you can see in the second picture. While I was photographing this it was like I was looking at two completely different nail polishes. In real life this is purple, more in line with the third photo, which I took with my phone by the way! I love this, it reminds me of an old nail polish I had as a child and loved! These photos are taken with flash because there was no sun... The third photo is in natural sunlight. All photos are with topcoat and this is two coats of Great Escape, although it only really needed one.

Bordeaux is simply stunning. As soon as I saw this I needed it! It is a wine coloured jelly and it is so beautiful I have no words. I'm wearing this on my toes right now. I used three coats for this because it's a jelly and my nails are too long to have something translucent to show off my visible nail line. The whites of my nails are too white that it shows up with a jelly. This is good for layering. I've worn this layered over China Glaze I'm Not Lion and got lots of compliments on my sparkly red! This is sheer enough to layer over glitter with one coat, and opaque enough to wear alone with a couple of coats. These photos are without topcoat, Bordeaux is seriously glossy!

Owl's Night is a charcoal/black polish with a very strong gold shimmer that looks like it has some copper particles. This was actually the first polish I wore from this package. It lasted through a birthday night out for a friend and a good few days after with topcoat. I don't have anything like this in my stash, it's very pretty and very unique. Both photos are with topcoat. The first photo was taken in natural daylight and the second was taken in sunlight.

Platinum 300 was actually a replacement for one of the polishes that I liked that was out of stock. It's a champagne pearl finish, so a little bit prone to brushstrokes. However I didn't think it looked as brush-strokey in real life as it does in the photos. The formula of this was just as I though it would be: excellent. Foil type polishes are generally one coaters and this one was. Although I probably won't wear this alone as I don't find it flatters my skin (I'm too olive toned I think) I have a feeling this will be perfect for stamping. I wanted to try it out but my Konad stamper seems to have got lost in the move! The first photo here is in natural sunlight and the second is with flash to show the greenish tinge to the shimmer, very pretty!

What's Your Name is the polish I was looking most forward to receiving. It is a one I've wanted ever since Sinful Colors came onto my radar. This is a blackened teal polish with teal glass flecks that have a duochrome shift to purple. It reminds me of Smoke and Ashes from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection, but with much more prominent glass flecks and a purple duochrome rather than gold. This is so pretty on. When I saw the bottle - I included a bottle shot below- I saw the duochrome straight away but was worried it wouldn't show up on the nail, but if you look at the macro shot in the second image you can definitely see purple around the edges of my nail. So gorgeous! Photos are taken with topcoat in natural daylight.

Wow, that was a long one! This post has been a little while coming! It took me a bit of time and 600 photos until I had swatches that I was happy with! As you can probably imagine narrowing that number down to two or three images per polish took ages, then I had to edit them... 

I hope you guys like these pictures, and remember to go and check out Cosmetics Fairy for some great deals, I've already been looking for more things that I can buy, so you may be seeing a haul soon!

*Disclosure: The item(s) in this post were provided for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own, see my disclosure page for more information