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NOTD: Abstract Neons feat. Models Own

Hi Guys,

Before I start, I have something to say... How great is Celebrity Big Brother this year???? I haven't watched the normal one in a few years and just caught the odd episode of the celebrity version, but this year they've stepped it up a notch and I actually knew who most of them were! Only Ron and Danielle I hadn't heard of, so I'm really enjoying it!


Tonight I have a NOTD look for you. I wore this up until yesterday and loved every minute of it! I swatched my KIKO haul and ended up with a bit of blue staining around my cuticles so I wanted to wear something nude. I chose My Vampire is Buff, and after a day I felt like I needed to jazz it up, and this happened! 

I used Models Own Bubblegum, Pink Punch and Pukka Purple. Originally I had only used the pink and the coral, but I decided it needed a bit of something extra so I added the purple and I liked it a lot more this way. I got a lot of compliments on this manicure when I was wearing it, and it was very easy to do, which is a bonus!

Natural light

The first shot!

This manicure was very popular on Instagram, as well as Models Own sharing it via Twitter and Facebook and a few people have asked me for a tutorial. I am aiming to have one done by the end of the week BUT I cut off the corner of my index finger nail on Saturday while chopping onions, so if I can figure out a way for that not to show, the tutorial is a go, otherwise it might have to be next week! Models Own said they thought this would look great in a monochrome colour scheme and I agree, so I'm armed with greys!

I'm hoping to get back into regular posting now, I have a huge list of things I want/need to post, so I need to get on with it... My problems are: a) I don't like iPhoto and yet my camera won't mount normally so I have to import them and faff about, so it's a bit annoying to have that to look forward to! and b) I'm addicted to TV... When my boyfriend is away and my son is in bed I just don't move from the sofa... I've been watching Twisted, which I love, and I've started watching The Vineyard which I don't really like, but I can't help myself with reality TV!

So bear with me and I'll be back soon with more!