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Sugar Spun Nails Tutorial

Hi Guys,

I feel like a stranger to this blog now! I really thought I was back in the swing of things with blogging and then it all went horribly wrong. I was exhausted when I got back from Holland the Friday before last and then I got literally no days notice on the Sunday that my boyfriend was coming home! He called me at half past 8 in the morning saying he would be home at half past ten that night, so I had to book a hotel at Heathrow and rush down there! Since he got back we have been so busy! I'll post a My Week In Pictures later this week to let you all know what I've been up to!

Anyway, onto my first polish post in what seems like a while. I actually put this tutorial together when I was in Holland, but finding the time to edit the photos was like trying to find time to run a marathon lately!

I have wanted to try sugar spun nails for ages, and I finally decided to take the plunge with my new Sinful Colors goodies!

Here is what I used:

Snow Me White, Cinderella, Easy Going, foil, and a tooth pick

I started off with a white base, and then picked my first colour, which was Easy Going (pale pink creme). I put a large blob of polish onto the foil and stirred it for a while with the tooth pick until it became thick and a bit gloopy. I waited until it looked like the photo below:

Sorry for the blurry picture - I only have one dominant hand and did everything myself!

Once it was thick enough I put my nail next to it and dragged strands of polish over my nail. I repeated the process until I was happy with the look and then carried on with the blue, doing the same thing.

Here is a little step by step pictorial! If I had a better camera I would have made a video tutorial... Maybe soon, I'm getting a Nikon DSLR for my birthday so I could try then!

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial... See you back here soon for my Week In Pictures, my Five Favourites post from May and a beauty tag that I was tagged in! Also, I'll have some swatches of my new Sinful Colors pretties, as well as some other bits and pieces. I have two really pretty summer ideas for nail art, so I'm hoping to have time to do those... Honestly all my spare time is going into our house at the moment, and I'm in my 3rd week of the Insanity workout, so that's taking about an hour of my day too...

Goodnight (or good morning, depending on how you look at it- it's past 1am!)