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Sinful Colors Easy Going

Hey Guys,

Good news, I got a little bit of swatching done this past weekend! It's the first time in ages that I had a little time, and by no means did I do a lot, but it's a start, and I really needed it. My last week and a half has just been focused on sorting out our living room and I needed a bit of an escape. 

Today marked the end of it though, and after eight days of having a concrete floor after pulling up our bright red Axminster, we have wooden floors! Only took the guys five hours and it looks beautiful! Since it was delivered a week ago yesterday, we've painted the walls, plastered two fake beams and painted them, repainted the ceiling that has been brown plaster since March, changed the curtains, put up new lights, repainted behind the fireplace! It's been manic!

Anyway, all the mayhem calls for something calm. And what is calmer than a pale pink? I picked this up from Boots a little while ago and it has become my favourite pink, possibly even overtaking my beloved Cult Nails Enticing! Although as a pretty sheer pink with shimmer, that has it's obvious place in my heart!

Easy Going is a pale pink creme with an amazing formula. Two coats is all it took to get this opaque...

I wish I could have got more pictures of this, but I forgot to put my camera onto macro mode and so the other photos were terrible!

I love this! I can't wait to try out the rest of my Sinful Colors polishes! You can see what else I picked up here... 

Have you picked up any of these yet at Boots? For only £1.99 it has to be done!