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Models Own Ice Neons: Pink Punch and Toxic Apple

Hi Everyone,

So... The last week I have mostly been cleaning the carpets and doing lots of washing... My son got better on Monday and so after that I had to do a LOT of catching up with the hoovering and other cleaning, as well as washing my own clothes, Caleb had dibs on the washing machine until recently. Also, because I can't let myself have an easy life, I started a diet on Tuesday for 13 days. It isn't that fun, I'm eating half decent meals, but as the queen of carbs, I'm struggling! Yesterday it was really hot and I really wanted a nice cold Coke after I got back from playgroup, but until next Sunday, I'm sticking to water!

Enough of the update and onto what we're all here for...! This is the second out of three posts on the new Models Own neons. I love this collection so much, I'm just waiting for more sun, I have an AMAZING nail art planned if we get a nice day. I've been waiting to do it since I got these and I've been growing my nails longer in anticipation.

Before the swatches I'll just say these two polishes have the ideal formula. I used a white base underneath both of them, with two coats of the neon. The formula was slightly thin and watery, but it worked perfectly with the white base to get the maximum brightness.

Pink Punch 

This is a super bright coral. Personally I think Pink Punch is misleading because this isn't pink at all compared to Bubblegum!

This was so hard to photograph! I had to use my phone for all of the Ice Neons, because my camera freaked out. I have a kind of outtakes post planned of my terrible camera photos of these, they are horrendous! One day I'll master taking photos of neons! 

Toxic Apple

I love Toxic Apple. I wanted the normal version of this in the 50% off sale but it was out of stock, so I was so excited when it was re-released in this collection. I had a bit of drama with this actually, because my first bottle smashed! I managed to save most of it and put it into a clear Models Own bottle, phew! But I tweeted them a picture and they sent me one out straight away. It arrived the day after! I really can't fault Models Own's customer service, they're great! And now I have a full collection of frosted glass bottles, as a collector that is the most important thing!

Here's a bonus picture of Toxic Apple looking extra bright in the sun... You can see the matte effect in this picture too.

Both polishes retail at the Models Own site and selected Boots stores for £5.

What do you guys think of these neons? Are you not a fan, or have they grown on you? Or was it love at first sight?! 

Have a great weekend!