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Models Own Ice Neons: Bubblegum and Pukka Purple

Hey Guys,

So guess what? My son is sick again. The last two days I have been cleaning up vomit non stop, BUT he's been so clingy so I've had lot of cuddles. I left my Mum's on Wednesday morning so I'm back at my house at last. I even braved a new playgroup yesterday, everyone was so nice, even when Caleb was sick. It has been downhill from there... I have a banging headache, but tonight I had my dinner cooked for me though, my boyfriend's parents had me round for dinner so I had a lovely meal courtesy of them. Just what I needed after the last couple of days!

Anyway, enough about me! I have two of the Models Own Ice Neons to show you. This is the collection I have been most excited about this year. I got these about a month ago but I was too busy to swatch them until just before I got sick last time!

I'm going to stagger these posts. Rather than doing one polish per post, or the whole collection in one, I'll be doing two, then two, then one... I think it's better like that. 

So tonight I have Bubblegum, a bright neon pink, and Pukka Purple, a more muted neon purple.

Both of these polishes are different to the other three in the collection in that they can be worn without a white base. However, I did use a white base under Bubblegum.

So onto the swatches! I'll call this post Mum's Choice because my Mum loves these two polishes! She wore the pink one before I even started swatching!


Bubble gum is a bright pink, exactly what you see when you picture a pink neon. This is one of the re-releases but made slightly brighter. I wanted Bubblegum back when Models Own had their 50% off sale, as well as Luis Lemon and Toxic Apple but they were all sold out by the time I got around to ordering my 21 bottles of polish! 

This is even brighter in real life, but don't even get me started on how hard it is to capture a neon polish. These photos were all taken on my phone for that reason... The formula was bearable on this, a little on the thick side. I used two coats over white for the photo, I find that white really makes the neon pop so it's worth the extra couple coats.

My Mum couldn't wait to get this on her nails, she wore it and loved it! As did all the other ladies in the office she said. The wear time was brilliant, she doesn't take care of her manicures because she has too much to do like working, feeding the dogs, and she got well over a week with one coat of topcoat!

Pukka Purple...

Pukka Purple is a toned down neon. It is so gorgeous! The formula was really thick on this one. I think with this and Bubblegum, they are thick so they can be worn alone. I used two coats of this on its own, although it was totally opaque in one coat. 

My Mum has this on at the moment. She couldn't decide whether she wanted Toxic Apple to match Jessie J's nails on The Voice, or this, and this swatch swayed her!

You can buy these two polishes from the Models Own site for £5, but I got them for slightly less because I ordered the box set.

Have you picked up any neons yet?