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Models Own Ice Neons: Luis Lemon

Hi Guys,

I can't believe how late it is. I've been so busy today! I went into town to print off some photos and came back with a load of Sinful Colors polishes. I'll be doing a haul post next week on those, I got some nice ones! I also sorted out all of the photos I needed for my son's record book and the little photo album we bought for him at Disneyland. I don't know what it is, but I feel so accomplished when I've organised photos! 

Anyway, tonight I have the last Models Own Ice Neon post of the series. I saved the best until last! To me, this is the showstopper of the collection, I just wish I could have captured it better in the photos!

Luis Lemon is a shockingly bright yellow. Literally the colour of a yellow highlighter. This is the polish that sold me the collection to be honest, when I think neons I think of yellow highlighters, they were my favourites at school, and so I couldn't wait to get this! This is a re-release, and one I wanted in the sale but it was sold out. I wanted all three neons that were re-released in the Ice Neon collection, so I'm so glad I have them. I know a lot of people were annoyed that the colours weren't new, but I was so pleased! 

I used one coat of Luis Lemon over a white base.

This was the brightest of the collection, the most neon, and I think that made it harder to capture on camera. In the pictures it looks like a classic lemon yellow, it was a lot brighter.

Natural light

This polish dries to a satin matte finish as you can see in the flash picture. It's so pretty and makes my hands look so tanned! I can't wait to wear it again when I actually have a tan!

So that's it, all my swatches of the Ice Neon collection. I must say this was not a disappointment. I love neons, my boyfriend isn't keen on them, but they're really summery so who cares! 

You can pick this up at selected Boots stores and online, as well as the Models Own website for £5.

Which one is your favourite?