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My Week In Pictures #1

Hi Guys,

Tonight's post comes from a tired place. Sickness has taken hold of the Truly Polished family. My son has been ill for about a week and the last two days he's been chesty and coughing. And now it's my boyfriend's turn! Luckily I haven't caught it... Yet. I say yet because if you've been a long-term reader of my blog then you'll know I'm pretty much ill all the time! 

Anyway, I have a new feature to introduce today. It's been something I've been considering for quite some time so tonight is the night...

My Week In Pictures is my idea to keep my blog up to date with photos. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably have seen these already, but I know there are a lot of people who just read my blog, so I don't want people to miss out! I post so many photos to Instagram and it will be nice to share them here too.

This won't be a weekly thing, more of an "I've had an interesting week" kind of thing!

So here goes!

Valentine's Day, my boyfriend always knows the best cards to get me!
I loved this!
Some of my stash pre-organising
During the organising...
And then I found 5 more in my makeup bag...
And bought another 7...
Trying to eat healthily and get my Five A Day!
I got a lightbox, more of that soon
New Barry M textured polishes! 
Taping off areas to paint grass on my son's wall
After painting, we still have a couple of walls to do
Yesterday found out I won £250 to spend at ASOS in the eShores
Global Style Blogger Challenge, yay!
You can read my post here...

So that's that! My week in pictures! Let me know in the comments section or by email - - what you think of the new feature.

I'm hoping to get some swatching to do over the next two days because we're going away on Friday. I was dying for a holiday, but since my boyfriend got home, I have been having too much fun getting things done in the house. So instead of going abroad for a week or more, we're having a mini-break in Wales instead. We've rented a cottage for four days in Pembrokeshire. It's in a little complex of ten with an indoor pool and a soft play area for the kids. Sounds perfect for a change of scenery if nothing else. And we're going to stop in and see my boyfriend's sister in Swansea on the way home. It's over a seven hour drive but I just want a little break! 

See you in a couple of days! Don't forget you can see a lot more of what I'm up to on Instagram, find me at @truly_polished!