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Models Own Utopia

Hi Guys,

Tonight's post will be pretty short and sweet because I'm so exhausted! I've been stressed out for ages now about this move and we finally moved everything this weekend. We drove up to the house on Sunday (230 miles) and unpacked it all that day. I say we unpacked it, I was shut in a room with my son while my boyfriend, Mum and brother unpacked it! We haven't sorted out any Internet yet, it's going to be activated a week tomorrow, so I couldn't post yesterday, but I'm down at my Mum's now until the weekend so I'm connected again!

I'm happy to say the house is as beautiful as I remembered it to be, and I can't wait to get on and decorate it to make it perfect. All in good time, with Christmas around the corner, now is not the time!

Anyway, I have another Models Own polish to show you tonight. I know it seems like all I ever post about is Models Own, but since I bought 20 shades in their last sale, I have a lot to try out and show you!

I used this polish in a previous post where I layered a gold flakie over the top of it. You can see that post here. It is called Utopia, and it's not the kind of colour I would usually buy, but I love it so much now that I have it. It is one of the iconic Models Own shades.

Utopia is a very pale pink creme and it is perfectly opaque in two coats as shown in the photos below. I haven't used any top coat.

Natural light


I've worn this so much already, and I find that as the weather is getting colder, I want a cold, pale colour and this is perfect. I think it will see me through to the spring too when I'll be wanting pastels, it is so versatile. 

This retails at all the usual Models Own stockists and on the Models Own site for £5, but I bought this in the half price sale so I got it for £2.50. If you see this and don't know whether or not it will be right for you, then just go ahead and buy it, you won't regret it! I definitely don't!

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