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The Next Two Weeks and a Bit of Seduction

Hi Guys, 

I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday! My boyfriend came home today and so I had a lot to do before he got here... This means ten million loads of washing so there is enough space in the laundry basket for his pile of clothes that he never fails to bring home after a trip offshore. Anyway, I failed miserably in my task. My washing machine wasn't working last week so everything built up, and three loads later I still hadn't made a dent in the pile! 

Anyway, I decided to edit a bunch of photos and write posts that I can schedule to cover this week and some of next week. I figured sacrificing my post last night was for the greater good. I'm going to be so busy this week!

Here's what I have to do:

  • Wrap presents for my son (his first birthday is tomorrow)
  • Make sure he has an amazing day
  • Take him to playgroup in the morning to see his friends on his birthday
  • Bake a ten inch Victoria Sponge sandwich, making sure it isn't dry
  • Colour white fondant icing: light blue, dark blue, red, yellow, green and black
  • Ice the ten inch cake with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse scene
  • Ice a six inch dummy red with yellow stars
  • Somehow cover a makeshift polystyrene dome in black fondant and make some black fondant ears
  • Make sandwiches, cupcakes, sausage rolls (cook, not make)
  • Source a pasting table from somewhere
  • Host a party on Saturday
  • Pack on Sunday/Monday
  • Take a ferry over to Holland to visit my Dad for 8 days

So as you can see, blogging really doesn't have a place in this schedule! And needless to say, I'll be so proud of my cake no matter how it turns out that I'll be taking photos to post!

Anyway, tonight will be pretty brief on the polish front, this was really to let you know what will be going on over the next week and a half! 

This polish is one of my favourites. I raved about this collection, bought the whole thing and posted it all, but I didn't post this polish for some reason! It's Cult Nails Seduction and it's from the Divas and Drama Collection. I wore it a while ago (short nails) and so I snapped a few pics, but it was raining, so I could only get a photo in the natural light, not sunlight!

Seduction is a multicoloured flakie. My favourite thing about it is the blue, I just love blue flakies! Here is two coats of Seduction over one coat of Nevermore:

Natural light

You can buy Seduction here and Nevermore is also available from Cult Nails and both retail for $10. This is limited edition so get it before it's gone. I have a backup of this that I may use for a giveaway one day, maybe a big one, like if I ever get to 250 far in the future! I have a feeling that by that time you won't be able to get hold of it and I won't want to give it away!

See you soon!

PS: This is a scheduled post! Did you realise? I'm going to try and keep them as natural as possible because there's nothing I hate more than reading scheduled posts where it's obvious they were written in advance. What I'll do is, I'll pre-write them and then add on a bit more before the schedule time to make them a bit more personal.