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VO5 Hot Oil Treatment Review

Hi Guys!

I'm so sorry I didn't post last night! Since Wednesday evening I've been living a nightmare... I noticed a dripping sound coming from underneath my kitchen sink, so I thought I should try and tighten up a connection under there, big mistake! Water started coming out like a hose! I turned the water off and then realised there was an isolator thing just before the leak, so the stopped coming out. The only bad thing is that my dishwasher and washing machine are now out of action! The last thing I need while looking after a baby is no way go wash clothes, and I don't have time to eat, let alone wash up! Last night I'd had enough of life so I didn't feel like posting!

Anyway, I have something slightly different to share with you today!

I managed to find my camera (here's a tip, always double and triple check places, you never know what you might find) and on it were my review pictures for a hair product I mentioned in my Five Favourites: September post. This is a product that really worked for me, so I thought I should post about it!

VO5 Hot Oil

First things first, I should mention that I'm obsessed with my hair. Not in a vain way, but I've spent a lot of years being unhappy with the length of my hair and its growth rate... Looking back at pictures I've had a terrible amount of growth over last five years! Apparently the average rate of hair growth is 1cm/month, so if you're supposed to get a trim every 6 weeks, progress is pretty impossible. My hair has probably made 18cm progress in the last 5 years with haircuts. Yes, that's 60 months....... 

Lets see some (embarrassing) photos to prove it shall we?! These range from summer 2007 (I was 17) to winter 2011 (I was 21). I'm 22 now, so the before and after photos show my hair as it is now.

The pink incident resulted in damage and a drastic need for a cut and colour!
I feel like my hair hasn't grown since November 2010!

So that's enough back story, onto the review! Click "Read More" to read the review, this post is super long and pic heavy, so I thought I would put in a jump break!

VO5 Hot Oil is used as a pre-wash treatment for hair, which I was really sceptical about at first... After all, if you put something in your hair, and then wash it, isn't the product just going to wash straight out? The answer to that is: no. Not in my opinion anyway. It goes against my logic completely. In fact, when I bought this I didn't realise it was a pre-wash treatment and I can't lie, I was disappointed when I read the instructions! Obviously that was until I used it!

Here are a couple of photos of my hair before. This is what I call "day two hair." This means if I wash it on a Monday then "day two hair" is a Wednesday. I usually wash my hair every other day so it was due to be washed. Also, I had straightened my hair after washing it previously, it is naturally curly as you can see in the hair history compilation!

My hair before... The bleach in the pink dye still hasn't grown out
so the ends of my hair are lighter, it's a terrible ombre!
Close up of the ends

After this photo was taken, I ran a sink full of warm water and placed one tube of the treatment into it while I wet my hair. I used warm water, but the instructions don't specify. I waited 5-10 minutes for the oil to heat up.

I then applied the hot oil to my hair, concentrating mostly on the ends (my problem area), twisted my hair up into a bun for convenience and left it for five minutes. 

OK, it was probably around 7 by the time I'd taken photos and rinsed it. I used warm water to rinse it out. This was really easy to do, and my hair didn't feel greasy. By this point, I was really doubting it would work! I used my regular shampoo and conditioner (Aussie something or other, for moisture I would guess!) and then applied heat protecting spray to my hair, before drying and straightening it.

This is when I realised it had worked! I couldn't believe it. My hair felt glossy, smooth, not frizzy at all and best of all... It felt like it had just been cut! My hair felt amazing, so healthy. I love the feeling at the ends of your hair after a haircut, and this is exactly what it felt like. And it lasted another hair wash!

Here's how it looked. I thought having straight hair would help illustrate the effect better.

All done, healthy looking hair!
Sorry, my hair didn't turn ginger all of a sudden! My hair just picks up the light
and I think the sun came out! And my camera is pretty bad, as
is my boyfriend's photo taking ability!

This treatment is supposed to be used weekly and I'm going to try and keep up with that as much as I can!

The only downside to this product is the smell. It's very lemony and almost spa like. Don't get me wrong, I love that kind of smell, but I hate it in my hair, if you know what I mean. My favourite hair product smell is Aussie Three Minute Miracle Hair Reconstructor Conditioner, and that's what I want my hair to smell like. Lemony products should be used for skin only. But it's not enough to put me off the product, and I doubt it would put many people off in general!

This product retails for £4.29 in Boots and the pack contains 4 tubes, enough for a month's usage. I think that's reasonable for a product that works. The only bad thing is that now I'm obsessed with hot oil treatments and trying every one I can get my hands on! I'll do anything I can to try and improve condition of my hair!

Now I feel like it's growing at last I want to make sure it carries on!

What are your favourite hair treatments? What do you think I should try next?

I really didn't intend for this post to be so long, I'll say it's thorough rather than long!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week! I'll try and keep to my regular posting schedule, but my boyfriend is back Monday or Tuesday and my son's birthday is Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday I will be making a very complicated birthday cake and cupcakes... Crazy!