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NYC Colors Park Ave

Hi Guys,

So yesterday was my son's birthday! I can't believe my little boy is one year old! It makes me feel about a hundred years old. 

We had a lovely day, I took him to playgroup and he saw some of his friends, and he loved his presents. We bought him a black and white Smart Trike Recliner which I love, I can't wait to take him everywhere in it. And we got him a 100 First Words Book, and some jingle bells. We decided not to buy him too much because other people bought him things, and our house is like a shoe box, we outgrew it the second Caleb was born, so next year will be the year he gets really spoiled, there will be boxes everywhere! 

Anyway, now all I have to worry about is his party. I say "all I have to worry about," the party has always been more stressful. When I get to my Dad's on Tuesday morning (we're getting the Monday night ferry) I'll probably collapse with exhaustion, I'm running on adrenaline!

Anyway, today I have a perfect autumn colour for you all. I picked this up in Superdrug a while ago. It's not the sort of colour I go for at all, but for some reason it stood out for me. It's called Park Ave and it's a taupe creme. 

The photos below show two coats with no topcoat. These NYC Colors polishes are super glossy!

Natural light

Normally when it comes to autumn I want dark greens, navy and burgundy, but I'm glad I have this now to mix things up a bit, it's a perfect neutral shade! It also looks to me like it could be a dupe for Barry M Cappuccino. I don't own that, like I said, I don't usually go for colours like this, but looking at swatches I can see they look pretty similar.

The one thing I don't like about this polish is the name. I find these names annoying. It's like Nails Inc, they just seem to have a list of names of landmarks (with NYC Colors it's streets) and anything goes with anything! I love New York, but to me, this doesn't remind me of Park Avenue. And don't even get me started with Lexington Yellow... I stayed in a hotel on Lexington Ave and yellow wasn't the right colour to represent it!

I bought this from Superdrug where it retails for £1.79