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W7 Mosaic

Hi Everyone, 

Sorry but this is going to be quite a brief post, I'm so tired. I had my nephew again this morning but he slept the whole time he was here, so that was lovely, no trouble at all. I need more sleep though, my sleeping pattern has been me going to bed ridiculously late, 2.30am at the absolute earliest, and then getting up at 8. Now this might not sound too bad, but I need 10 hours sleep to function usually! So I keep oversleeping, I think it's all catching up with me! It's not helpful because I have no time to get ready in the morning so I'm always stressed. So this has to change, next week I promise to be better!

Anyway, tonight I have the last of my W7 glitters to show you. It's been hard to pick a favourite but I think this one might be mine, for the summer at least, not sure how I'll feel when it gets colder, this won't be seasonally appropriate then.

Mosaic contains blurple and yellow-y gold glitter in a blue base. It's pretty much a dead on dupe of Nails Inc Pudding Lane as far as I can see, but I don't own the Nails Inc to do a comparison, sorry!

The formula on this was brilliant, I used two coats to achieve full opacity and one coat of Seche Vite was enough to even out the grittiness. Here it is:

I loved how this looked on me, I think the base colour was really flattering on my skin. Before I got into nail polish, this is pretty much the only colour nail polish I would wear, turquoise-y colours, or black, that was it! So it's nice to go back to my roots so to speak! 

One thing though... This is easy to remove but you will be covered in glitter! I had glitter all over my trousers, hands, face, carpet... Even my son had glitter on his face and in his hair! So be prepared, you might not want to rest your hand on your leg while taking this off!

I bought this from Nail Polish Direct, where it retailed for £1.95. However I can't find it on the site at the moment! I guess they must have sold out. This polish is available on other sites though for varying prices. I don't know if they'll get it back in stock at Nail Polish Direct or not, but it might be worth looking out for it, seeing as they offer free delivery!

That's it from me tonight, it's been a long week! We've had two days of cold weather and my hands are red and itchy already, so I'm going to slap on some moisturiser and relax!

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!