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My Monthly Column! Top Picks!

Hi Guys,

I'm absolutely exhausted this evening. I was looking after my nephew this morning, he's a month older than my son so it was pretty hectic with both of them. Their personalities are very different, my son is crazy, loud, boisterous and just loves making as much noise as possible, whereas my nephew is a lot more subdued and definitely wasn't a fan of his cousin's shouting! I felt a bit bad because I had to tell my son off a lot, so much so that he was sulking in the corner playing with a book after a while! I have them both together again tomorrow morning so I need to make sure I get plenty of sleep!

Tonight I thought I'd let you know about something I haven't mentioned too much about really. Over the summer, a lovely blogger called Rachael went on holiday, so she was looking for guest posters. Of course I couldn't wait to apply, her blog, Island Girl Insights, is one of my favourites so I really wanted to write for her. I came up with the idea of "Purse Friendly 'Tips'" where I would showcase a classic with a twist mani and a simple nail art design using tools and polishes which came to no more than £5. Rachael loved the idea and so my little column started.

This started as a fortnightly thing, every other Sunday my posts went up and I loved being able to show my designs to a wider audience! I knew this was only going to be a short time thing and it would stop when Rachael got home from her holiday, but then.......

She offered me a permanent monthly column on her blog! I'm so excited about this, my column forces me to break out of my comfort zone and try things I have never tried before, so here are my top picks from my previous posts. 

Click on the column number to go to the whole post, where you'll see both manicures and tutorials.

Galaxy Nails

Aztec Nail Art

Gradient Sunset Nails With Birds

Dots and Lines Nail Art

Microbead Stripes

Cloud Nails

Don't forget to check out the posts featuring these looks. You can click on the post number and it'll take you straight over to Island Girl Insights. Rachael's blog is heading for a complete overhaul and a custom domain soon, I can't wait to see it all! 

If you're not following this blog already you should be!