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Passion For Fashion Competition!

Hi Guys, 

Sorry I didn't post last night. I had planned to post my competition entry last night but it took me a lot longer than expected, we're talking over four hours probably, so I decided to prepare it over two nights and post it tonight. 

I was invited to enter this competition by MoneySupermarket, and it's probably the competition I've been most excited about! You can find out everything here but the basic premise is that you must put together five outfits: Party, Casual, Outdoor, First Date, and Office Wear. All outfits must be under £200, and you can mix and match brands and stores. This is so up my street! I got the email invite ages ago but I've been so busy, the competition ends tomorrow night (Wednesday) at midnight so this is very last minute!

Here are my outfits. I've tied in each theme with a trend for Autumn/Winter 2012 that I think goes well with it.

Each piece is numbered and you'll find corresponding links underneath to take you to each item!

Total: £181.98

Total: £192.99

Total: £194.41

Total: £184.50

Total: £149.97

I hope you liked my entry! Don't forget if you're a blogger and you want to enter, you have until Midnight on Wednesday 26th September! Very last minute but worth it. The overall winner will win £1000 and The New iPad (iPad 3) and there will also be one winner for each category who will win £200, the perfect amount to buy their winning outfit! 

I've enjoyed putting together these looks so much, so fingers crossed one of them is good enough! 

See you on Thursday!