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Five Favourites: SEPTEMBER!

Hi Everyone,

This post is one day early, and that's because I won't be posting tomorrow! I've had a long week, a lot of late nights, and early mornings. To add to that, my son has been ill all week, and I've got a sore throat and a toothache that's giving me a migraine! I had my top wisdom teeth taken out two years ago but I've just randomly got another one over the last two weeks. Now it's come down far enough that I've got a swollen cheek from biting it all the time, I don't have enough room for it. So it's off to the dentist tomorrow evening and then I'll just be recovering, I hate the dentist!

So enough of that, this post is about things I do like! Onto my Five Favourites!

1. X Factor 

Photo taken from Wikipedia

I love it when X Factor comes back on! The auditions stage was terrible this year, they really need to show more talent and less rubbish, but this weekend will be better because it's judges houses. What has made this series even better is that I actually know one of the acts who made it through! They're a group called Duke and they do beatboxing. When I was at uni in Cheltenham (their home town) I used to go and see them every week! I'm not sure how far they'll get because they're so different to what is usually on the X Factor and they're not that versatile, but they're amazing and it's fun to watch them!

2. Vo5 Hot Oil Treatment

Photo from Google - Chemist Direct

I am in love with these little bottles of hot oil! I had a review of this all planned, photos etc but then I lost my camera! It still hasn't turned up but this is still worth a mention. I use this for 5-10 minutes once a week as a pre-shampoo treatment and let my hair air dry as usual and my hair feels like it's just been cut! This retails for £4.29 at Boots for a pack of four small treatments.

3. Eyeshadow

Two of my most recent eyeshadow looks - Photos from Instagram: @truly_polished

Recently I've been loving eyeshadow! I bought the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette and I'm waiting for the Undressed Palette (Naked dupe). I've decided that I'm going to put a bit more effort in with my eye makeup, a little effort goes a long way! 

4. My Anniversary

Photo from Instagram: @truly_polished

This month my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary! Well, I say celebrated... He is away working in Azerbaijan, so he sent me flowers, a balloon and wine and I cooked myself a nice meal!

5. And last but not least...!

Photo from Google -

I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! This is a huge thing for me! I've been learning on and off (mostly off really) for the last four years! I had some lessons, got up to test standard, then stopped my lessons for a year. Started again, then I didn't make it to my last test which was nearly two years ago because I pretty much had a panic attack. So I stopped learning, then a year and a half later after a lot of coercion from my Mum and boyfriend, I started up lessons again, booked my test and passed first time with 7 minors! All that worrying and I passed my first ever test by just relaxing and not worrying about things! This will have such a bit impact on my life! Being able to go to the supermarket without needing a lift from my Mum when my boyfriend is away will be amazing!

So there we have it, my five favourite things about September, hope you enjoyed it!

Wish me luck at the dentist tomorrow, I'm really hoping they just make me an appointment at the hospital to have my tooth out (again) and hopefully that's it for the mysterious regenerative teeth because this is agony, I can't open my mouth to eat properly and that's a big problem in my life! All I can say is I feel sorry for my son, he's got 8 teeth so lots more to go and if it hurts like this for him, that's really bad!

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!