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NOTD: Orly Le Chateau and China Glaze I'm Not Lion

Hi Everyone,

This is actually my earliest post in a while! It's really surprising actually, I didn't really start doing anything until about 4pm today so I thought it would be a late one, especially because I got up a couple of hours earlier than normal... 

I had to go and feed my Mum's dogs because she was away dropping my brother off to start uni, that took ages, and the 15 minute walk home took ages because I stopped to get sausage and chips (so much for healthy eating). Then I had to put my son to bed and eat my dinner! It was nice not to have to cook, and I have nothing in the house so I don't know what I would have made anyway!

I have a NOTD post to show you today, and I have a confession to make: I have no camera. When I was away a couple of weeks ago I seemed to misplace it. I don't know if I left it at the hotel (I called both hotels with no luck) or at my boyfriend's parents' house, or in our car which is currently being fixed. So hopefully it'll turn up. So these photos were taken with my iPad. I know phone pics etc are a real blogging no-no, but I had no other choice and I really wanted to show off these nails!

I wanted something autumnal as the weather is getting colder, but I also wanted glitter. So I chose Orly Le Chateau, which I picked up a while ago in a set from TKMaxx and China Glaze I'm Not Lion. I'm loving that polish, I've only had it a month and this is my third time wearing it, that says a lot for me! 

Le Chateau is from the Holiday Soiree Collection for Winter 2011. I got this, Ma Cherie (from the same collection) and Lucky Duck (from the fall 2011 Birds of a Feather collection). It's a very blackened teal, near black and it's so glossy! This is what the creme from the Nails Inc Blair Duo should have been, in my opinion, because it was a disaster. This was beautiful, one coat was nearly opaque but I used two coats for the photos. 

I used three coats of I'm Not Lion, and one coat of Seche Vite on all nails.

Natural Light

Sorry about the photos! I need to see if I can borrow a camera from my Mum or something for future posts until mine turns up/I get something else sorted. I do have another camera but no memory card or cable... Luckily the camera on my iPad isn't too bad. I have some posts ready to go as well with the photos done so I should be okay for a little while anyway.

See you back here on Monday, have a lovely weekend!