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H&M Blue Bliss Continued!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post from me tonight, I have a really busy few days coming up so I could do with having a decent sleep... I keep saying that and still not going to bed early, but I want to be in bed by 11 tonight!

Tonight I have the second part of my H&M Blue Bliss Post (you can see the first part here). I said I would show you it layered over back so here it is!

I used one coat of Cult Nails Nevermore and one coat of Blue Bliss for the photos below.

Natural light


I love how this looks, although I don't think my camera was a fan! I couldn't get it to focus in natural light and then in the sunlight I got too many sparkles in the photo. Not that I'm complaining, they look like Christmas tree lights. I know, the dreaded C-word... Usually I hate seeing anything Christmassy before my brother's birthday (26th October) but I saw decorations in a shop today and now I'm all excited! I need to get my son's birthday out of the way first though before I dare to think about all that!

If you would like to buy Blue Bliss, it's available at H&M for £2.99. It's definitely something that's worth buying. I don't own anything like it. I know OPI Last Friday Night is similar-ish, but with the price of OPI in the UK I won't be buying that in a hurry!