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How To: Save Money Online This Summer!

Hi Everybody!

We've finally reached the end of the week and I couldn't be happier! I caught my son's cold, so I've just been achy and gross all day. The good news is that from Sunday I'll have it a bit easier, my boyfriend will be back (he's been working away for eight weeks) and I won't have to look after Caleb on my own  at last!

Today I have another "How To" post for you. As a mother of a young child (milk and nappies cost WAY more than they should) I'm always looking to save money when it comes to myself. I'm a typical girly girl, I love clothes, makeup and everything that comes with it, so I don't want to cut back on shopping but I do want to buy everything in sight cut back on the cost! Online shopping is a great way to do this, and seeing as I don't drive, it's a great way for me to get everything I want without moving a muscle!

So here are my top 5 websites to help you save money on fashion this summer!

1. eBay

 I LOVE eBay, it's come a long way from people getting rid of their junk and it's no secret that I check there first for whatever I need before I check specific shops. What's really interesting is that big brands and stores are realising the potential of the site and are setting up shops on there, you can find Karen Millen, House of Fraser, Levi and Superdry with up to 70% discount. It's well worth having a look.

Fun Fact: I'm going to be maid of honour at my friends wedding next week and my dress is from eBay. It was brand new, in the bag, with tags on from a big store and it was reduced from well over £100 to under £40! It's a beautiful dress, you might even get to see it in a future post!

2. Voucher Code Sites:

The recession has hit the country hard, and this means that voucher code sites have become increasingly popular. is one of the ones I use a lot, and it has a great layout where you can search for the brand you want codes for. is another one of my favourites (not least because ASOS codes are really easy to find on there!)

Fun Fact: My Mum signed me up for the emails from Martin Lewis at and they come in really handy. They send voucher codes and offers to my email inbox, and they also tell you if there are good magazine freebies to look out for!

3. ASOS:

ASOS is 100% my favourite online store of all time. If I had to choose one store to get all my clothes on for the rest of my life, it would be ASOS. My favourite thing about this site is the sale/clearance section. It's amazing, items start from £1.50, shoes start at £4, tops from £4.50 and dresses from £6... And they also have a designer outlet! What's not to love! I've bought so much of my summer wardrobe from ASOS this year and I've saved so much money! What's more, they offer free international delivery! There's nothing I hate more than buying a lot of clothes and then getting slapped with a £5 delivery charge! 

Fun Fact: ASOS offer a one off payment of £14.95/year for unlimited next day delivery. So if you're impatient (like me) you can save money rather than paying £5.95 every time you want your order the next day!

4. Boohoo:

I love Boohoo, it's a store I've been shopping in for a few years now and it never disappoints me. Their summer range this year has been amazing and the prices are too! They have a sale on right now and you can get pretty summer dresses for as low as £5 but even full price they don't break the bank. The average price for dresses on there ranges from around £18-25 which is a total bargain!

Fun Fact: I have never paid full price/delivery costs at Boohoo. Look out for discount codes and you're bound to save a couple of pounds!

This is definitely aimed at the more high-end consumer, you won't find dresses for £10 on here! I am in love with the Outnet and spend many an afternoon browsing on there, imagining myself in Marchesa and Herve Leger dresses! They sell designer clothes with HUGE reductions. You can save a lot of money on here, they have items with up to 80% off. Some of it isn't cheap, but you can find some things for as low as £25, so don't be put off, there are some designer bargains to be had!

Fun Fact: I'm not even engaged, but there's a certain Marchesa dress that I can definitely see myself walking down the aisle in!

Don't think I've forgotten that this is blog that revolves around the nail world! Just before I go, here are my favourite sites to save money on beauty products! 

Cosmetics Fairy: This site has nail polish from 35p a bottle, you can find old, discontinued polishes, Bourjois polish from 99p, it's amazing. I've bought from here a lot before, if you want to get a variety of nail polishes and you don't want to spend a lot, then this is a great site to try.

Cheapsmells: My Auntie got me into this site in 2009 and I've made quite a few orders. They sell discounted cosmetics and perfumes and skincare products. This site is really good when it comes to makeup, I've ordered a lot of Stila bits and pieces, they also do Benefit, Urban Decay, OPI, Essie, MAC (at times), Chanel, Dior, the list goes on. You will always make a saving against the RRP so it's well worth having a look, you might find something you never even knew you wanted!!!

I hope this little post helps you save a little bit of money this summer! Let me know if you get anything nice from any of the sites I mentioned...

Most of all, have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!

*Disclosure. I was invited to write this post by My decision to include them in this post was down to the fact I love their site, and it will not affect my chance of winning. All opinions stated are 100% my own as always!