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CrowsToes Thing and what I've been up to!

Hi guys,

First of all, I'm so sorry that I haven't done any posts this week! I actually did some swatching last weekend to make sure I had posts for the week so all my travelling wouldn't get on top of me, but it turned out it was all too much...

I mentioned last week that my boyfriend was coming home and I had a wedding to go to. Well he got back Sunday afternoon, then Monday we did a four hour trip to where we used to live, stayed in a hotel (internet wasn't that great) and then my friend's wedding was on Wednesday. We literally didn't stop the whole time we were there, I was Maid of Honour at the wedding so I was really busy, and then we left last night. I could have got a post done then but we left late and didn't get home until 2am! 

So I'm really sorry, and this shouldn't happen again in a hurry!

Anyway, onto what this post is really about... Indie beauties!

CrowsToes used to be a brand I had heard of but wasn't familiar with, so (like a lot of people I guess) I did some research prior to their launch on Llarowe. It was love at first sight! These polishes are super glitterbomb-y and gorgeous. I have my eye on a few more (Gomez I'm looking at you) but I settled on Thing and another one (if you follow me on Instagram you'll know which - I'll be posting that soon).

Thing is a mix of metallic glitter off all different shapes and sizes in a clear base. Well I say clear base, I'm not sure there even is a base in here... It begs the question: Is there such thing as too much glitter? In this case I'd say maybe, I would have loved a slightly better base to glitter ratio but I can deal. 

What I love about Thing is that the glitter is metallic, I've been really into matte glitters lately (haven't we all?) so this made a nice change. As soon as I saw it, it screamed at me to be layered over yellow, so I chose Cult Nails Feel Me Up.

The photos below show one coat over Feel Me Up, I really had to dab the glitter on though, it was a nightmare, but really pretty so who cares. Sorry my photos are a bit blurry, my camera couldn't handle so much glitter!

Natural light - no sunlight I'm afraid!
Macro from the bottle!

I wore this mani for one day (chipped it) to go shopping with a friend and I got complimented at least 5 times, by every single shop assistant. This really does have the wow factor!

Thing retails for $14.00 at Llarowe, and the good news is, it's in stock NOW, go and get it!

Cult Nails Feel Me Up retails here. It usually costs $10 but there is a sale on until Sunday so you can get it for $7! Might have to check out that sale as a present to myself!

Have a great weekend! I'm sure I'll have a lovely one, it's my birthday on Sunday so I'm going out for lunch with my family, and my brother has some kind of surprise activity planned for Monday so I'll tell you all what I got up to in a couple of days!