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Candeo Colors Zef Production Seconds

Hi guys!

Just a quick post from me tonight. I've been doing my guest post for Island Girl Insights and I'm really tired now! That and my son has been really ill for the last two days, I'm beat... And I have a playgroup to go to tomorrow, I need some real downtime! I was so relaxed last weekend and now I'm super stressed out again!

Anyway, I have a really pretty polish to show you tonight. I mentioned in my Five Favourites post that I had indie polish fever, and this is just one of the polishes I picked up recently. I got this in the last Candeo Colors opening, I couldn't believe I managed to snag three polishes... It was my third time trying to get some Candeos, sitting there until the shop opened refreshing and refreshing! I wanted the real Zef, which has an extra type of blue matte glitter in, but it had sold out, this one was on the third page tucked away on its own so I think a lot of people missed it. I've noticed some people online saying that they got the real Zef just without a label on, so I don't know what happened with it all.

My Zef has large pink squares, medium and small blue hexes, and small pink and black hex matte glitter. If anything, I prefer it without the extra blue in because in my opinion there isn't enough pink! 

Here's a macro from the bottle:

Application on this was good, no issues with glitter coverage. I managed to get loads of pink on my left hand but I was really fishing for it for my right hand! The photos below show one coat over China Glaze Electric Beat.

Natural light

I love this. I'm really happy with the layering combo and I have plenty more in mind. This is a really original glitter and I'm so happy I managed to get it. I am in LOVE with matte glitter!

The original Zef costs $9 on the Candeo Colors site but you can also get this brand at Llarowe. This version, the production seconds costed $5 in the last opening, I'm not sure if it will be available again.