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Five Favourites: JULY!

Hi Guys,

I can't believe how quickly this month has gone! Seems like only yesterday I was doing my June favourites and now here we are. Usually July is a really annoying month for me because I can't wait to get to August (aka my birthday) but this month has had it's good parts!

Here are my five favourite things from this month:

1. Lip Pens:

I don't know how this happened, but I've recently become obsessed with lip pens. First off, I wanted a Revlon Just Bitten one, and then it escalated from there! My favourite one is my Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses light pink one, the colour is really similar to the colour of my lips and just gives them a hint of colour. In my opinion the Rimmel ones are much better than the Revlon... The balm isn't as soft as the Revlon and the colour isn't as patchy!

2. Embracing the weather/Winter is coming:

Photo from weheartit

I know last month I posted about how the weather was a bit sunny and was cheering me up. Well, it rained for all but 5 days this month. We literally had a 5 day summer and that's probably our lot. I was a bit depressed about it, but I've decided to embrace it. At the end of the day, cold weather means winter is coming, and winter means cosy nights in, hot chocolate, Christmas, big warm jumpers... I love winter fashion, and seeing it all in the shops is so exciting! I even bought a black and burgundy skirt which I can't wait to wear!

3. Going out with friends!

I went out at the weekend with some friends and it was the first time since February. I had such a good time. It was nice to properly relax, when I'm at home I'm always worrying about Caleb hurting himself or getting into trouble but I got to unwind properly and it was amazing! That being said, coming home on Sunday evening and getting cuddles and kisses from my little boy was the best part of the weekend!

4. Indie nail polish:

It's no secret that I love indie nail polish. Recently I've only been buying indies... Getting hold of them has also been made easier with Llarowe becoming a stockist of a few of the well known indies. I bought a couple of CrowsToes polishes as well as Pretty and Polished Sand Art when they were launched. The Candeo Colors came direct from their latest opening, can't believe I managed to get three! As much as I love Llarowe, if I can get the polishes direct from the store, I will, because I begrudge paying an extra few dollars... The A England polishes came from their Mythicals Sale a couple of weeks ago where each of the Mythicals polishes were nearly half price at £5!

You can look forward to seeing these on the blog soon

5. Clothes shopping:

Photo from weheartit

This does kind of apply every month... But my boyfriend has been away for the duration of July and I've found myself buying a lot more clothes because of that! The weather doesn't help, I feel like my wardrobe isn't well equipped for cloudy but very warm, or sunny with showers, weather. This means I've probably been shopping even more than usual! Tying this in with point number two, I've had my eye on winter clothes too, so this has been making me even happier! What is worrying me is that some of the summer items I've bought recently might not even get used at all until next year! I'm convincing myself that the new summery patterned playsuit I bought today will do this winter with tights!

Hope you enjoyed this month's Five Favourites! What have been your favourite things about this month?

See you back here on Thursday, I have a beautiful indie to show you!