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Revlon Whimsical

Hi Everybody!

I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was really busy all day and out at a friend's house, my son had a playdate and I got home late. By the time he was in bed and I had finally cooked dinner, editing photos etc was the last thing on my mind. My son has a cold and surprise, surprise he passed it onto me, so I really wanted and early-ish night!

Today I have Revlon Whimsical to show you. This was another one of my polishes that came from Liz. It's one I've been after for ages and it didn't disappoint. This is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air, but I don't have that so I can't do a comparison - sorry! 

The formula on this is very thin and very sheer, ideally the base would be slightly thicker to allow for easier and better glitter distribution but I still liked it anyway.

The photos below show two coats over China Glaze Sea Spray, is there anything I won't layer over this? It's perfect under everything! It was the closest thing I had to the base colour of Whimsical and I love the combo together.

I love this, it's so pretty! I love in your face glitters obviously, but a subtle one like this is so perfect sometimes! 

See you back here on Thursday. I'm really hoping for sun tomorrow so I can have a good swatching day, I have some gorgeous stuff to show you but the rain makes everything less shiny! Bear with me though, hopefully we'll get there soon!