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Little Rant and Something Beautiful!

Hi everyone!

OMG what a day! I've really had the day from hell today... 

1. The weather was so bad today, so rainy and really humid. I had to do a 15 minute walk (I don't drive) and my only waterproof coat is fur lined and I was sooo hot! I arrived at his baby music class so sweaty, with my straightened hair totally frizzy.

2. My son had a good sleep and slept until 10am, but that meant when we had to leave for baby music, he was supposed to be napping, so he screamed all afternoon.

3. I had to go to the supermarket, then and hour and £££££s later I had to unpack a million bags of shopping into my tiny kitchen. Why is food so expensive??? And nappies, formula, everything for babies! Obviously I treated myself to a new lip pen to cheer myself up...

Anyway, I have something pretty to show you all. I've had this combination in my head as soon as I saw Pirouette My Whistle. 

This is three coats of Cult Nails Enticing with one coat of OPI Pirouette My Whistle.

Isn't this so pretty? I love the combo! You can buy Enticing here at Cult Nails where it retails for $10. Pirouette My Whistle is available for £8.45 at Nail Polish Direct (free delivery) and at ASOS for £11. I highly recommend Nail Polish Direct. They sell China Glaze, OPI, Jessica etc and their prices are great. I ordered a China Glaze from there and it arrived really quickly!

Have a great weekend, and if you read Island Girl Insights over the weekend you should be able to see a guest post from Yours Truly!