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Barry M Silver Pink Glitter

Hi everyone!

Did you all have a great weekend? I had my brother, my cousin and her daughter round on Saturday. My cousin's daughter LOVES nail polish, at six years old she already has 50! So I got my big box out and she picked 28 that she wanted to wear... So I talked her down to one colour for each toe and then one colours for all her fingers, with dots in another colour! She had very good taste and most of her picks were indies! A couple of Dollish Polishes, a Lynnderella, she loves the glitter!

On Sunday I went shopping with my cousin... I ended up forgetting my purse (can I still blame baby brain when my son is 9 months old tomorrow?) and she had to lend me some money... I'll have a haul post up maybe tomorrow but I have one of the polishes I bought to show you now!

Barry M have just released a new range of glitters, there are five of them and today's polish is one of them. I bought two of the others, and I think I'll go and get the last two this week because they're super pretty!

This one is called Pink Silver Glitter. It's one of those glitters that doesn't need to be layered, looks a bit like a foil from far away and could look like a glass fleck polish to the untrained eye! The polish is made up of a rosy pink, paler pink and silver glitter, which to be honest you can't really see unless you look really closely. I think the idea is to create a foil with a bit of originality, and this mix of glitter definitely succeeds in that, the mixture creates a silvery pink with a bit of added depth.

Here are some photos. I used two coats of Pink Silver Glitter, but three would definitely have been better. My nail line wasn't anywhere near as visible in real life as it is in these photos by the way! My camera loves to show me up!

Inside in the shade
You can buy Silver Pink Glitter at Boots and Superdrug for £2.99. It's definitely worth getting because I think it would suit a lot of different skin tones!

I'm going to be doing a Barry M giveaway soon-ish so stay tuned!

Also, the second of my guest column posts is up at Island Girl Insights, you can see that here! Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas of nail art designs you'd like to see, let me know at or in my comments section.