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Blog Announcement and a little nude!

Hi Guys,

I know you're probably sick of hearing this, but I've had a really busy day today! I went to town to post my giveaway prize to Charlotte and to do a bit of shopping and I was so tired when I got home. It's about a 25 minute walk to town, which really takes it out of me when I'm pushing my son in his pram!

I have a bit of an announcement to make anyway. I'm going to focus on post quality from now on, not quantity. When I first started this blog I planned to post every other day, but it ended up that I started posting every day and just kept that up. 

This afternoon I realised it's all getting on top of me. I'm struggling to keep my house tidy, swatch polishes and eat three square meals a day all at the same time, as well as providing my son with all the love and attention that he deserves! So something has to give, and that's the blog! I always said I'd treat this like a job and focus on it, but I realised I don't want to feel like I HAVE to blog, rather than wanting to!

So from now on I'm going to post four times a week... I'm thinking Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but of course that could change. This way, I'll have my weekends off and a day in the middle!

Thank you all so much for your support thus far, I'm eternally grateful.

So... Enough of that and onto the polish! It's just a quickie though!

I've been wearing a lot of black recently and it's given me some staining. Plus I've been doing a lot of preparation for a series of guest posts I'll be doing for Island Girl Insights and that's left me with raggedy cuticles! Sooo much polish remover has been on my skin the last couple of days. When I'm in this situation I go for naked nails, or, better yet... A NUDE! I just bought a new one from MUA, it's called Shade 19 and it's a greige-nude creme. I's kind of a coffee colour and I'm in LOVE!!!!! I don't wear a lot of nudes because I don't think they suit me, but this one really does.

I used two coats for this photo, which doesn't do it justice by the way!

Pretty, shame the colour in the bottle has separated slightly

I'll also have a layering combo of this coming up after the weekend that could possibly be my favourite layering combination of all time!

You can find this at Superdrug where it retails for £1... Go out and buy it now, I insist!


  1. I must get my hands on this colour! I don't own a nice simple every day nude and I really need one! xxxx p.s. don't work too hard on my guest posts!! :) X

    1. It's amazing seeing as it only costs £1! And don't worry, I'll be fine with one extra post to do every two weeks, I really enjoy my guest posts, it's nice to adapt my blog for new readers! Really for me it was just getting too much posting every day, I felt like my blog was becoming my life and I was neglecting everything else! I'm sure with 6 days off in a 2 week period I can manage to rustle up a good post for you!!! xx