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Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much

Hi Everyone!

I'm in a bad mood today! I woke up to an email from my boyfriend with a link to a house that would be PERFECT for us, big, huge garden with a lake, really nice area, nice style, and it had two floors out of the three that needed totally renovating, which is perfect. We want a barn conversion but it's really intimidating to do something so big. This was a different style of barn, and the ground floor was done with a kitchen, two bedrooms and a dining room so it would have been liveable straight away... Anyway, I called up and the estate agent told me it was already under offer! So she took my number in case the sale falls through. Fingers crossed! I know that's really mean, but all's fair in love and war... And dream houses!

To top it off it's been raining all day. I had to go out in it as well, so I had no choice but to get drenched! 

On the plus side, my Maid of Honour dress for my friend's wedding in August arrived and I love it!

Today I have a Dollish Polish to show you. I bought this and two others in the sale before last. I was so happy, constantly refreshing and trying to add to cart. This was the sale where the square went black instead of adding to cart, so I couldn't believe it when one bottle was finally freed up! 

Spank You Very Much has a clear base with purple and turquoise small and large hex glitter. This is AMAZING. The formula was a bit thick, but perfect for this glitter! 

For the photos below I layered one coat over Barry M Indigo. Yes, ONE COAT! I think a few coats would get this opaque but Dollish is becoming harder and harder to get hold of so I'm rationing myself! 

Natural light
Macro - Doesn't it look incredible?
I was so pleased with this mani, and looking at it now, I'm tempted to put it back on for tomorrow! Every time I wear something from Dollish Polish I decide it's my favourite! Dolly really does create some amazing stuff! I bought this for $8.75, check Dolly's facebook page or website for shop updates, I'm not sure when she's stocking what!