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The black I've been searching for all my life - Cult Nails Nevermore!

Hi everyone,

I'm absolutely exhausted tonight! I was up until 2am this morning catching up with Homeland... I still hadn't watched the last two episodes so I stayed up and watched them on my Sky+. The finale was soooo long, I thought I'd never get to bed! I didn't get to stay in bed this morning because my sun was up early-ish at 9.15 so we watched Jeremy Kyle in bed and then got ready to go shopping in town. I bought some new tops and shoes, as well as two lip pens and a lipstick, which I'll probably be reviewing soon. 

Today I bring you one of the polishes that I've been most excited about this year. When Maria posted on her blog saying she had created a one coat black I was checking the Cult Nails site religiously looking for it. I couldn't believe my luck when she released it and included it in the second $5 sale, I couldn't add it to my cart quickly enough!

Nevermore is a super glossy, fast drying black creme. But that's not all... It's a true one coater! It's no secret that I absolutely love black nail polish. I cant resist buying almost all of them that I come across, and this one from Cult Nails is (I think) number 5 in my stash. It's by far the best.

Here are some photos. These show one coat of Nevermore with no topcoat. It's so shiny, it's crazy!

Natural light

Sunlight - the green is reflecting from the sun lounger I used to keep my hand steady.
It's not my grass, that's not very green...

This polish embodies everything I love about Cult Nails. Maria got a lot of suggestions for a one coat black that was glossy, fast drying and good for stamping (I haven't used this for Konad yet, but I'm sure it'll work well) and so she made it. Not only did she make it, but she asked us Culties to come up with a name for it. Eventually Nevermore was picked (from the Edgar Allan Poe poem The Raven) by a Cultie. It also has significance because you'll NEVER need MORE than one coat... Clever, eh?!

Anyway, I strongly recommend you go out and buy this. Even if you have tons of other black, nothing compares to this. It's opaque in one coat, but not thick and gloopy, and it gave me no staining whatsoever! Maria, I must say you've excelled yourself! 

You can find Nevermore at Cult Nails here where it retails for $5.